A Guide On The Best WordPress Web Development Trends For 2022

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WordPress web development is not new to the market, is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the industry and is reputed for its minimal code, and easy web development in wordpress. There are approximately more than 400 million websites that use WordPress across the globe and the reason behind the success of WordPress is its easy-to-use and flexible features. Businesses across the world keep their eyes on WordPress to check out its latest trends and most businesses prefer to choose WordPress for their business website. In this blog, we will unfold “Best WordPress Web Development Trends” so that you can discover the power of the world’s best CMS. Without any delay, let’s get ahead to the top WordPress Web Development trends.

Top WordPress Web Development Trends To Check Out For 2022

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is going to be one of the most used technologies and has a vital role in converting online stores to another level with amazing features and outstanding outlook of the website. WordPress is going to boom at the next level with increasing Augmented Reality-based plugins and widgets in the near future that will take WordPress to a great level in the IT sector. 

Voice Search

Voice Search has been one of the fast-growing, popular, and widely used tech trends, organizations are looking forward to voicing search patterns to capitalize on this feature and make the sites usable with a voice look.  For example Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. WordPress also stepped into the voice search trend which means with the WordPress plugin a business can leverage the advantage of voice search functionality within the site.

Chatbot Integration

Since the invention of technology, the demand for user-friendly web solutions has always been a priority. In the past few years, the user-friendly demand has drastically increased and chatbot integration with Artificial Intelligence has become necessary. Chatbots are amazing tools to respond to inquiries from your customers, assess their tendency, upsell products and help administrations with the required data, etc.

WordPress For E-Commerce

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people shifted to online platforms to buy every small thing they need. The WooCommerce plugin in WordPress is specially designed for eCommerce solutions and also makes the eCommerce website SEO friendly. There are many additional features in eCommerce development such as payment gateways, smooth inventory management, various marketing elements, etc.  

Drag & Drop Website Builders

WordPress web development is simple compared to other web development processes that yield amazing results.  Most people believe that WordPress web development does not require coding, it does just like in any other tech stack, the level of difficulty or length of code is comparatively easy and short. The drag-and-drop mechanism in WordPress allows the development of a fully-functional WordPress website without programming. 

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Another emerging trend in WordPress web development is Progressive Web Application. The PWA applications work simply like native applications, when thinking about Progressive Web Application development, consider skilled professionals with vast knowledge of basic to advanced tech stacks. WordPress allows users to build similar solutions without tech expertise with some ready-to-use WordPress plugins like Progressive Web Apps and others.


WordPress is already well-known for creating highly customized and robust websites, after knowing the top WordPress Web Development Trends For 2022, do not miss out on these trends while building your WordPress website. You can either hire an expert web developer or a WordPress Development Company to build your WordPress website keeping in mind the latest trends. Hepto Technologies is a leading WordPress development company that can help you get efficient WordPress website development services and help your business automate operations and generate higher revenues. Request a free quote to know the WordPress web development cost for your project.