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Zomato Clone App

Zomato is presently India's biggest online food delivery application. What's more, the special features and amazing user interface that it houses has made it climb the stepping stool in user-friendliness. A business that considers starting something like the Zomato then now of time it would have to go for a Zomato Clone. Reasons being clear: client adaptiveness and the advantages of being familiar. In any case, it isn't simple, as Zomato is an integration of a few features that can't be essentially cloned. In any case, you don't need to stress over that as we are going to provide you with a total guide for launch a restaurant finder application like Zomato.


Understanding how Zomato works are essential on the off chance that you need to make an application that is it as far as interface, ease of use, and business of model. Presently Zomato in terms of the business model follows the on-demand business structure. This is done through an application that encourages its clients to interface with the most ideal restaurant very quickly. Presently it's not simply that, the users can also order using Zomato.

For this situation, Zomato goes about as the coordinator between the client and the restaurant. So whenever a client places an order from a restaurant Zomato informs that restaurant to set up supper and meal out a delivery man to deliver the food package to the client. So in essential

Zomato takes care of these fundamental things- 

To start with, finding a café and placing an order. 

Second, notify the restaurant and simultaneously updating the client about the status of their order. 

The third is to appoint a delivery man, that can deliver the food packet to the client fastest.

Presently since we know how Zomato works together we can basically make an application to duplicate its functionality. Zomato application has numerous features that make it quite an amazing application, and on the off chance that you even need to set the bars, we recommend to set them high, as creating an exact of Zomato may not that be, but rather it's certainly feasible by the same token. So here are the essential Zomato that you need to include in your clone application.

What are the Important features for building a Mobile App like Zomato? 

Zomato Clone App

Zomato was once launched with the most basic functionality. It allowed the clients to search for restaurants, take a gander at the menu, and order their food. Afterward, it developed into a dedicated community for foodies that kept the clients returning to the application. This highly added to the commission rate and at last, Zomato became into the natural food delivering and ordering application. At that point, it accelerated to extend with advanced edge features like booking tables. Applications like Zomato occurred as the food-ordering application gained success.

All the stakeholders have their own applications and the features of all these applications differ. On the off chance that you need to design the features for your Zomato-like portable application, here is a list of features for the five categories of the application that is the ideal Zomato clone: 

Features for Web Service- The web administration is under the responsibility of the platform owner. This implies that if you build up a Zomato-like mobile application or Zomato clone you are responsible for taking care of the web service portal.

Administrator Dashboard: To deal with the general functionality and various stakeholders, the administrator dashboard has the capability to view the list of the restaurants, the number of clients, and the delivery experts. The administrator can add and eliminate any partner at any time using this control panel.

  • Analytics and Reporting: 

Information insights and measurements dependent on the bookings made is appeared by generating reports from the application and analysis should be possible about the utilization times, the absolute number of clients ready, segment information, all outnumber of eatery recorded, the number of conveyance experts, benefit and loss calculation every week, month, and year, and so forth.

For Delivery Professionals- This application is specifically utilized by the delivery men. They get a delivery request and when they acknowledge the request from the application, they are given the data of the request, restaurant details, and the location of the client. 

  • Trip Information: 

The delivery man gets the restaurant pickup address and the drop details of the client. 

  • Navigation: 

The application for the delivery men consists of GPS which is integrated into the application for simple navigation. It consists of the route and the complete time estimated for the delivery.

  • Route Optimization: 

The map integrated with the application helps the delivery experts with the best possible route where they can beat the traffic and make their deliveries as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. 

  • Contact User/Restaurant: 

The application consists of a contact client/restaurant highlight that helps the driver call the concerned stakeholder without having to copy the number and dial it manually. 

  • Start/End Trip: 

When the delivery professional acknowledges the request and starts his trip towards the restaurant, his trip begins. Additionally, another trip starts on his approach to making the delivery.  This is the premise of the amount he earns per trip.

For User App- 

It is the fundamental wellspring of income, it is significant that the client application is wealthy in features. A portion of the incredible features for a Zomato-like client application are listed below, as far as how Zomato works for shoppers: 

  • Online media account integration: 

For an easy signup process, the clients should have the option to join with their online media accounts. 

  • Search Option: 

With the assistance of the search module, the client can look for food based on restaurants, cooking styles, outlets, dishes, and so on.

  • Call Restaurant/Driver: 

By utilizing the call feature, the client will have the option to make a call directly to the restaurant/Driver in the event of particular instructions to provide against their order. 

  • Various Payment Options: 

The clients should have the option to make their payments using different alternatives like Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash on delivery, Mobile wallets, and so forth 

  • Warnings: 

The client gets a pop-up message about their order, trending search, a favorite restaurant, and so forth. 

  • Track Driver’s Route: 

With the help of 'track driver' include, the client can get to the map integrated into the application and track the status of their food.

  • Show Veg Option: 

The client application has a filter that will sift through the veg and non-veg dishes for the clients. 

  • Ongoing Availability: 

The online reservation arrangement of the application allows the client to check the availability of the tables in real-time and make the booking.

  • Social Community: 

The application allows its clients to integrate their social media handles for making their profiles. The clients can interface with one another, follow and make proposals on cooking styles, dishes, play on words, restaurants, and so on 

Relating to the ease provided by these features, numerous new companies are pacing towards building a pro of a Zomato-like mobile application.


clone app conclusion

A precise arrangement of functions for a restaurant finder application like Zomato will depend upon the scale, adaptation model, the process you decide to use for adding new venues. You should likewise know that clients go to your application for reviews and photographs of interior and food so before dispatch, your group needs to set up a decent amount of content so your restaurant search application will provide enough benefit to its first clients.