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Today, cell phone innovation and versatile applications have made a huge difference from buying garments online to booking hotels to requesting food and booking a taxi. Every one of these things becomes a solitary tap away from the clients and that is because Uber for X idea permits organizations and new businesses to give on-request administrations to its clients.

With regards to booking a taxi, individuals simply take out their cell phone from the pocket and book a ride, regardless of whether it is early morning or late around evening time. However, shouldn't something be said about ladies, who work in the night shift? Shouldn't something be said about their safety? How will they book a taxi around evening time and travel alone with a stranger?

Considering the issues and security issues of ladies, we, at Hepto Technologies, have structured and built up a taxi booking application arrangement that is explicitly for ladies. Indeed, ladies just taxi application arrangements, including the rider's application, driver's application, partner application, and admin application, permit taxi new businesses and organizations to give ladies a special taxi booking service.


Our women ride-sharing application works by dispatching ladies' drivers to serve just female clients. This activity had been taken taking a gander at a portion of the occurrences that have become exposed. In September 2016, a Uber driver in Los Angeles had lost his cool and got goaded with his traveler. He promptly halted the vehicle and hauled the woman from his vehicle. This was caught by someone else on video utilizing her telephone.

The greatest favourable position here is that the female driver is a lot more secure when compared with the male driver. The male drivers can't be trusted effectively because of three foolish conduct. There has been a background marked by episodes as shared one above with all of you and there are some more. where females have gotten damaging remarks from male drivers. Female drivers can be handily trusted by female clients as they can see each other effectively and there is a degree of solace both offer as being of a similar sex.

Ladies who travel late-night need taxi to reach back to their homes. The dread of being in an unsafe situation consistently encompasses any lady voyaging alone around evening time. So such conditions can be relieved by Women taxi service by taxi specialist co-ops utilizing our Uber clone application.


The extent of the taxi business is colossal nowadays. The terms of movement and business have unfathomably gotten reliant on movement. Today, individuals don't simply go for delight. They travel for business; travel for clinical help etc. This is the reason the requirement to make a trip isn't confined to a specific area.

Traveler goal or not, taxis are required all over the place. Be that as it may, all spots on this planet aren't the equivalent. The degree of security isn't the equivalent all over. This is the reason including interesting highlights such as female-only rides are very important.

The essential reason for any business is to bring in cash. You might have the option to bring in cash on the off chance that you can "sell" your application as the best accessible alternative in the market. To do that you need to include new and remarkable highlights that cause the client to feel like you are the best and that you have their eventual benefits on the most fundamental level.


1. Permit Women Riders to Request for Women Drivers Only

One of the primary highlights that you can consider while building up a Uber for ladies application is – permitting ladies riders to demand ladies' drivers as it were. By including this element, you can permit ladies riders to book a taxi with ladies drivers so they can get a sheltered riding experience.

Regardless of whether they are reserving a taxi in the early morning or late night, they can demand the ladies drivers according to their benefit. Other than this, ensure the booking highlight must be as simple as could be expected under the circumstances so ladies can book a taxi with only a couple of basic taps.

They simply need to choose a location as opposed to composing the whole location over and over. This element can make ladies riders upbeat and agreeable while driving at home or office. Thus, remember to consider this element of Hepto

2. Empower Women to Book a Trip in Advance

Another basic element that HEPTO offers is – empower ladies to plan an outing or we can say book a ride ahead of time. By permitting ladies to book a ride ahead of time, you can allow them to work late around evening time. They simply need to plan an excursion ahead of time with the goal that they don't confront any issue after leaving the workplace.

According to their favoured time, they can book a ride ahead of time with only a couple of basic taps. Indeed, they can plan a ride one day earlier or one hour before venturing out from home/office without burning through their time out and about and calling a taxi.

Along these lines, utilizing this component is straightforward for ladies as they simply need to choose the favoured time and date to plan the excursion. Guarantee that you give this component in your ride-sharing application like Uber.

3. SOS Contacts

The third significant element that Hepto arrangement accommodates ladies' just taxi application is SOS contacts, permitting ladies riders to include crisis contacts for any crisis. They can indicate five contact numbers for any sort of crisis.

In any sort of crisis or need, riders simply need to initiate the SOS usefulness and their additional contact numbers will get one instant message with the current area. Truth be told, you as an administrator of the business will likewise get a notice on the dashboard about it.

Remembering an SOS usefulness for your Uber-like application that is principally produced for ladies is an absolute necessity to give your ladies riders additional security. In this way, if you have ever intended to create Uber for women like application, you can talk about your necessities with it us through our reach our structure.


As indicated by the most recent reports the taxi industry will reach $109,050M US dollars by 2022 which shows that the taxi business isn't going at any point shortly. So if you are considering purchasing a uber clone application or have any crude thought than its a great time start. Connect with us or one of our salesmen and we will hit you up in the blink of an eye. You can request a free demo form and our specialists will disclose to you in detail all the functionalities and capacities.