Build an Efficient and Profitable Hotel Booking App like OYO Rooms

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Build an Efficient and Profitable Hotel Booking App like OYO Rooms

OYO Clone App

The rise in mobile application technology is changing business sector trends and way of living as well. These days, hotel booking applications are being utilized by millions of people around the globe to stay in different cities. Hotel booking applications like OYO rooms made it possible for people to book their favorite hotels at their favorite place at reasonable rates by sitting at their homes. The travel and hospitality industry is developing at a rapid speed.

As indicated by Statista, the normal income from the Online travel booking segment amount to Rs.33k/-,10 million of every 2019. According to their report, the Online travel booking industry is expected to show a yearly development rate of 6.2%, bringing about a market volume of Rs.45k/-,40 million by 2023. To begin your hotel booking application business, you need to look for a maestro around there. Before going for Oyo Rooms like Mobile application development you should be clear about the development strategies.

Types of Hotel Business Models 

The entrepreneur needs to understand the kind of business plan of action his business is working on and settle on a particular plan of action work online hotel booking system. Along these lines, it changes from the Merchant Model, Aggregator Model, Advertising Model, and Dedicated Model. We should see every one of them:

  • Merchant Model: What occurs with this lodging hotel mobile application is that the application owner will have an agreement with the hotel to get the rights to a few rooms then there you get on discount because of the wholesale rate. Which you can offer these rooms to the guest through your application. Now the price of each of the rooms and hotel can be very flexible and may change according to the travel demands. Expedia is the one who utilizes this model very effectively. Which controls a significant part of the world computerized travel business, for example, 17% and it offers heap decision above 200 nations across the world.
  • Aggregate Model: This is the one best broadly utilized a model with simple logic. These kinds of applications are associated with internet booking services, henceforth as a client begins searching for a place for his/her stay, a unified list of hotels is shown to him however with a few value choices from various reservation platforms. You click on the possibility that fulfills your requirements, and the application will redirect you to the use of the preferred booking platform. This model works for audiences that like comparing costs to get the most ideal deal. and HotelLook are the best models that utilization this model.
  • Advertising Model: This model is like the total model since it likewise includes posting rooms at various hotels. This is the third party type that allows making money on your hotel booking application design. In booking application development that utilizes this model to earn on a pay-per-click basis. The proprietor will get the specified sum on every client that has been redirected to hotel applications. These sites show displays that let clients go to the booking page of an accommodation provider. On an aggregator stage, clients can read what different travelers say about the accommodation and view ratings. At the point when an accommodation supplier gets a lead, the stage gets a charge for changing the client over to a lead. The best illustration of this model is Tripadvisor; it gets the most benefits from advertising models as it charges cost-per-click.
  • Dedicated Model: If you are an already setup business that has its applications and many repeat clients, at that point this plan of action might be the best fit for you. These hotel mobile applications development aren't only for booking purposes, as they additionally take in special requests made by clients during their stay. Your application can offer extra perks, for example, attendant services and loyalty programs. You can consider a lot more thoughts, such as including vehicle rentals or booking tables at a café. As such, you're allowed to actualize any highlights you like to assist your customers with getting the best help possible.

Key Features to Be Integrated into A Hotel Booking Application Like OYO 

OYO Clone App Features

To make a mobile application like OYO Rooms, you should have a list of highlights prepared for incorporation. Take a look at our proposals:

  • Simple Registration and Login 

Most applications require their customers to register on the platform. The OYO Rooms application is the same. Visitors must log in using a kind email id or mobile number in combination with a password.

  • Booking Rooms from The App 

Clients should have the option to see the home page upon registration. They can insert the necessary location and travel dates and apply some other channels to produce a search list. The listed properties clearly feature the kind of rooms available, their costs, any considerations, and applicable taxes.

Images going with the outcomes help travelers settle on their decision on which OYO property suits their requirements the most. The application platform makes the booking cycle easy with a mix of simple payment options.

All things considered, the instant nature of these applications to book hotels easily is the thing that gets the clients pulled in the first place.

  • Room Availability and Search Functionality 

Travelers can check for available rooms in hotels at their preferred travel objective. The general inquiry can be additionally streamlined with the utilization of relevant filters, for example,

Sort of convenience

Value range

Room type


Dinner plans, breakfast, and some other consideration

Nearby places

These channels help to make the hotel booking process advantageous and hassle-free.

  • Prices of Different Rooms 

Alongside the search lists, clients can likewise see a range of prices depending upon room type and some other inclusions, for example, breakfast, and so forth. The application should offer the clients to look at the available courtesies to settle on the choice process easier for them.

Travelers can choose the cost according to their inclination and budget. This page usually does not include taxes which are featured in the final payment page.

  • Simple Payment 

The final payment page shows what the client needs to pay to confirm the booking. It additionally shows the different payment choices, for example,

  1. Debit or Credit Cards
  2. Net Banking
  3. PayPal
  4. eWallets
  5. Pay at Hotel
  • Modifications in Booking 

All bookings made on the OYO application can be modified up partially. Be it room upgrades or adding the choice of breakfast and meals, the client can add or eliminate elements from their booking.

In case of additions, the application will impose applicable charges which might be collected at the property.

  • Places Nearby 

Any hotel booking application remains on the foundation of a strong geolocation feature. Clients can view and explore places nearby, for example, tourist locations, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers, and so forth.

  • Client Contribution 

Prospective travelers can generally beware of client feedback, reviews, and ratings of the hotels recorded on the application's platform. Great reviews and ratings can convert into more income for the property.

Additionally, clients can leave feedback too on the properties as well. Commonly, you will the following contributions:

Trip Stories, for example, touring websites, vlogs, detailed reviews

  • Travel Tips and Advice

Network Portal

Rating and Reviews

Photograph Galleries

  • Easy Cancellations 

The client should have the option to cancel their hotel according to the terms and conditions of the booking. This is applicable for even non-refundable bookings where clients can cancel by paying a penalty of relinquishing the entire amount.

Refundable booking cancellations are likewise conceivable where the client may place a request by a certain date. For these bookings, the client for the most part needs to give a credit card guarantee.

  • GPS Functionality 

At the point when the traveler arrives at their destination, the application's in-built GPS functionality assists the client in finding the hotel without any problem. The application empowers the client to see the most streamlined route depending upon the time of their appearance.

  • Trip History 

The section that outlines Trip History basically goes about as a point of reference for the application's client. It generally shows data like period of travel, destination traveled, hotel booked, and more.

  • Booking and Payments History 

This is a dedicated area that shows the clients the number of trips taken using their profile.

  • Pop-up Notifications

When dynamic clients are utilizing your hotel booking application frequently, you need to have a medium of communication set up to alert them of news, updates, changes in terms and conditions, and so forth. The most ideal path is to have a Push Notification system that automatically shares these updates with each application client.

  • In-application Chat or Call Feature 

It is basic to have a feature that can connect the traveler with the hotel booking platform flawlessly if there are any urgent inquiries or questions.

An in-application call or visit functionality can become the preferred method of communication between both concerned parties in such circumstances.


OYO Clone App - Hepto technologies

Building up a clone Hotel booking application like OYO Rooms totally relies on the number of features and functionality included for the application. If you are interested in creating a Hotel booking application like Oyo Rooms, Hepto Technologies is the perfect partner for you in this technological world. Our developers have a huge experience with giving mobile application development solutions. Contact us by visiting our official site.