Clone App vs Custom App Development: Which Is Beneficial For Your Business?

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Mobile App development becomes the key wizard for startups and small businesses to enter the digital world. Nowadays most entrepreneurs make bulk investments in custom app development companies for future market plans. Some small-scale entrepreneurs approach Clone app development companies for quick app launches and rapid business growth. Both app development has their own pros and cons and also it depends on the app development company you are choosing. Choosing the right app development company for your business market goals is important. It is based on what kind of business you have, your current business market level, and your future market goals and plans. In this blog, we are discussing which app development is best between Clone and Custom app development and how it will take off your business on the success path.

What is Clone App Development?

Clone apps are ready-made solutions that can be applied to your business and have a pre-built architecture and code ready that is just modified for your business requirement app creation can be done faster and deployment takes less time. Clone app development is most useful for emerging startups or small business owners to grow business easily with quick recognition.

Pros Of Clone Application Development

Here are some of the magnificent benefits of Clone app development.


Customise the clone applications according to the requirements and add unique features and mobile app development languages to their application while cloning from the other app.


Clone apps are a replica of the apps that are already famous in the market, so the cost of developing a copy of the original one from scratch is very less and provides the best language for app development.


While developing a mobile app some initial work is required, like market research, analysis, planning, and execution.

In the case of a clone application, the initial work is already carried out by the original app developer, which saves time for the clone app developers.

Raise in Chances of Success

Cloned applications are a replica of those that already exist in the market and are among the famous applications and are used by the majority. This is the main reason, the popularity of the cloned apps in the market shall be the same as that of the original application.

Cons Of Clone Applications

Even though Clone app development is the fastest app solution for business, surely it has some disadvantages on the other side when it comes to uniqueness and other factors like,

  • Limited Control In Customization 
  • User Privacy is not guaranteed - High-Security Risk 
  • Compared to Custom Apps Clone Apps have less uniqueness 
  • Risk of Futuristic Updates

What is Custom App Development?

Custom App Development means creating custom software for a particular organisation’s users to cater to their organisational needs and the app development languages are according to the preferences of the users of that organization. Custom app development comprises business consulting, ideation, UX, UI, testing, and adding new features and takes more time to launch.

Pros of Custom App Development

Here are some of the magnificent benefits of Custom App Development

High Scalability

  • Regular apps are usually built to process a limited number of resources, when your business grows, generalized apps can fail to handle bigger loads of data. 
  • Custom apps are usually built with such parameters so they can be easily scaled up if such a need arises. 

Easy Maintenance

Developing a customized app, you get control over the development and maintenance process and the custom apps of a company work according to the company’s needs, and the users of that specific company do not have to depend on someone else.

Enhanced Security

Building a custom app lets you implement specific security measures specifically for your business and eliminate possible threats and dangers via data encryption.

And also, a customized approach meets the requirements of various OS and APIs.

Improved Relationship With Customers

  • In Custom app development, the users can directly interact with the customers regarding their products and provide them with better efficient services.
  • The users can also access the customer’s details and receive their valuable feedback and it shall help in developing a better relationship with the customer.

Disadvantages Of Custom App Development

Custom app development can be your best brand marketing and business embedding factor throughout the business, but it is a long-term process and affect your current business plans like,

  • Time Consuming
  • More Expensive - Need bulk investment
  • Risk in Maintenance
  • Technology can change over time 
  • Testing and Marketing consume some more time.

Clone App vs Custom App Development- Which Is Beneficial For Your Business?

In general, big businesses opt for custom application development instead of cloning applications. The main reason behind this is that custom mobile applications serve the needs of the company’s daily operational requirements, excluding all unnecessary features. The cloned applications are a similar copy of already existing applications so the scalability of the cloned apps is not good.  

On the contrary, custom applications are developed from scratch and cater to the needs of specific business requirements. The custom app is the best programming language for mobile app development, and no unnecessary features are added, making it easy for users. On the other hand, cloned applications do not provide quality design and functions and when you use them you get access to some good and unwanted features. In such cases, custom applications are the only solution available because these apps are personalised, there are greater chances of customer attraction and also give better services to the existing customers of the company.

Bottom Line

If the business is well established, and already branded then mobile app development time is not an issue in the business plan, you can make custom apps, which will be a future investment for the business and be a brand identity in the mobile app stores. But if you need a mobile app instantly with little customization, or have an idea of owning an app for passive income? Clone app is the best mobile app solution for your Business. Consult with the best mobile app development services for your business. 

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