How Does Good Design Help In Increasing Your eCommerce Sale?

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The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly every year, but that does not mean that all eCommerce businesses are growing at the speed they would like. Nowadays, starting your own business can be easy and affordable and eCommerce sales have been growing day by day. Online shopping is very expensive, if you are a new eCommerce business owner, it is not easy to reach your customers you must consider all the aspects of your eCommerce website and online store, but it is challenging where to focus. 

ECommerce website design is a good place to begin and must be easy for the customer to use and attract them. Finally, it is smoother for customers to buy. In this blog, we are going to discuss effective eCommerce web designs and successful e-commerce website designs that work well.

Effective eCommerce Web Designs

A good design covers nearly every aspect of your eCommerce external elements, from your company’s logo design to your website’s appearance, to your marketing brochures, to the user experience itself and all must be smartly designed.

  • User experience
  • Cross-platform adaptability
  • Site layout and visual design

The most effective eCommerce website designs are easy to understand, clear, and easy to use and the main step is its clutter-free design. Read continuously to find out why good design is the key to your eCommerce website’s success.

First Impression Matters in eCommerce website

According to recent stats, 94% of the impressions your website makes are related to the design part only. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is important to know that the first impression of your web design matters.

A good design helps if you want your visitors to stay on your website for a long time, web design is significant in terms of attracting visitors too. Ask yourself as a customer, what kind of eCommerce website you will love to scroll on-a a messy looking or properly designed one? You know the answer, right? The same thing happens with your website visitors, so make sure your website has all the elements placed properly. Content, banners, buttons, and everything else on your website make a difference so, when it comes to creating brand awareness and driving new customers, always go for the best design.

Some Tips For The Effective eCommerce Web Designs

1. Keep it Simple

If you are eager to add more interactive features or graphics to a website, these can submerge your customers and drive them away, simple eCommerce website design is always better.

Elements of Simple Design Contain:

  • Easily scannable content
  • Simple and clear font
  • Combined colour schemes
  • Recognizable navigation elements
  • Easily navigable product categories

2. Use colours and images on your website to your benefit

Showcase your products using large, high-quality images that highlight your web design. Your images speak about your product and they keep the customer’s attention and make them want to know more and buy.

From many angles, customers want to see and want to know more about the product before they buy so, professional images of your products make good.

Colours in your eCommerce website design also stimulate your customers to buy from the colour of the background to the button, shade colour can make the conversion and can also suggest the quality features of your brand.

3. Optimize your eCommerce site for mobile and make it quick

In today’s world, most people browse the web on their mobiles more than ever so if your website is not loaded on mobile, you are going to lose your sales. 

Your eCommerce website is adjusted to the screen size of the smartphone on loading, and the images must load perfectly. Navigation links and buttons should work just as well on mobile as they would on a desktop or laptop and you should make sure about the maintenance of the same functionality and look as your desktop website, especially on your checkout page.

4. Easy Checkout Option

Having an easy checkout option on your eCommerce website is essential to increasing sales because some people leave a website without buying anything because they cannot find a payment option that suits them.

To give users a convenient choice, it is necessary to keep checkout buttons easily accessible with a clear label. This is the way you can convert a simple web design into one that delivers a high conversion rate.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

Include a rating system in your eCommerce website design, and ask the customer to write honest reviews to get as more positive ones as you can. Seeing 5 stars reviews increases the trust of people and there is a chance that people who trust you are paying more for your product and service. On your eCommerce website, make testimonials public somewhere and if you are able, add pictures of your customers to their testimonials to make trust with new customers.


It is easy to build a website but it is difficult to make a beautiful site and easy to use for the customer. Especially you have to put more effort to make an eCommerce website. People have a short attention span so, make sure to use design elements wisely on your eCommerce website to maintain their attention and interest. You need to begin selling fastly, Hepto Technologies provides you with an eCommerce website with high user retention. If you have an online store already, make an eCommerce app and add some easy-using eCommerce integrations, and help you convert viewers into permanent customers. To create beautiful, on-brand designs for your multichannel campaigns, our creative experts can provide you with the best solution.