How To Engage Customers With WhatsApp Chatbot

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WhatsApp is easily the most popular messaging app in the world and has millions of users worldwide with popularity cutting across age groups and demographics. WhatsApp is now becoming one of the predominant platforms for enabling conversational commerce. WhatsApp chatbots are the big thing owing to the remarkable cut in service costs and enhanced customer satisfaction rates while relieving agents from much of the manual hard work. WhatsApp integration for customer engagement can bring a new way for companies to effortlessly interact, converse and convert customers and transform them into brand loyalists.  In this blog, let's discuss WhatsApp integration for customer engagement and also explore how WhatsApp chatbot could redefine the way businesses connect with their customers.

What is WhatApp Chatbot?

Whatsapp Chatbot is an AI-powered tool that can help businesses improve customer experience across varied channels of communication.  It offers human-like customer service by answering customer queries, completing scales, nurturing user attributes, and boosting customer interactions.  

Why WhatsApp Chatbots For Customer Engagement?

WhatsApp is the most trusted messaging platform for boosting customer engagement and delivering amazing support. The nature of secure messaging, tons of business-centric features, and the ability to do real-time communication with multiple users make Whatsapp perfect for engaging customers on any scale. Some of the reasons to use WhatsApp integration for customer engagement. 

  • Free and Secure
  • Easy Integrations 
  • Wide range of business-centric features
  • The highest number of monthly active users

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot For Customer Engagement 

Many businesses look to integrate WhatsApp chatbots to serve customers better, drive engagement, and boost conversations. There are many benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot integration for customer engagement. Some of them are

  • More customers
  • Real-Time Communication 
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Higher Conversions and Automate Sales
  • 24*7 Automated Customer Support

Ways to Use WhatsApp Chatbot for Customer Engagement

WhatsApp is now integral to a brand’s effort to engage more customers in a hassle-free manner and boost your brand. It not only facilitates you to interact with your customers but also adds a positive impact across marketing, sales, and support. You can also use Whatsapp the world’s most popular app in a variety of different ways and boost customer engagement. Here are some of the ways to use WhatsApp Chatbot for customer engagement.

Customer Communication 

As a business, you should know that above 80% of customers now expect immediate engagement when they reach out to a company and conversations are often the foundation of customer engagement. WhatsApp Chatbot can help you not only engage in one-on-one communication with your customers but also handle their queries in real time and instantly.

Ensuring Customer Service Automation

Many organizations believe that business automation is key to digital transformation.  You can add a WhatsApp Chatbot and can automate a variety of tasks across support, marketing, and sales, resulting in better engagement with customers. It is the way your customer service can work 24×7 and ensure quick responses to your customers from anywhere across the globe.

Automating The Lead Qualification Process

With Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots have slowly become tools for lead qualification. A WhatsApp Chatbot helps you to automate the lead qualification process so, you can nurture leads by collecting key user attributes. Using the Chatbot, you can easily collect user attributes. When the attributes are available and when automation is possible, lead qualification feels like a breeze. 

Enabling Online Payments

With Chatbots, you can enable transactions using a third-party payment gateway. Once the conversation with the customer has reached the transaction stage, you can send a link to the payment gateway used by your business and the customer clicks on the link, opens up the payment gateway on their phone and completes the transaction. After the payment, you can share an invoice with the customer on the WhatsApp conversation as a document/PDF or image.

Enabling Feedback Loop

Engaging your customers can be challenging without understanding their tastes and preferences. Without comprehensive analytics, even conversions suffer. With Chatbots, you can gain your customer data and keep track of customers’ purchase journeys in a comprehensive manner. Chatbots help to collect feedback through simple questions so you can improve products or experiences. Leveraging chatbots can suggest relevant content and offers to your customers.

Engage Customers Better With Hepto's Whatsapp Chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbots should be an essential tool in your endeavour to enhance the value of customer engagement.  If you are still not using the world’s most-used messaging app, you are then probably missing out on redefining the meaning of customer engagement. With Hepto's WhatsApp Chatbots you can make sure your customer experiences with your brand are always great. You can benefit from our AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot our chatbot is advanced and can help streamline all your customer interactions. Using the AI-powered chatbot, you can boost your response time, minimize the waiting time and ensure contextual answers to your customers at each stage of the journey.