How To Make A Dating App: Practical Tips And Advanced Monetization Method

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How To Make A Dating App: Practical Tips And Advanced Monetization Method

Today the times of meeting someone special in parks, cafes, or shopping centers are gone. The world has never been so connected as it is presently. The Internet connected people when the absence of time and dynamic pace of lives drive them away from one another. In the world of gadgets, it isn't important to chase for your perfect partner, in any event, for a momentary relationship, in bars or libraries. Various sites and applications hold the responsibility of matching individual people laying on similitude, similarity, and shared compassion. Dating applications blast with their exact and creative calculations. It's an ideal opportunity to gain proficiency with the ropes, I assume.

Dating application development can be both beneficial for you and a decent solution for individuals that need to discover a perfect partner. So look at this article to perceive how to build your dating application.

How to build a dating application

To give you a clue on the best way to make a dating application, follow these steps below:

Stage 1. Study the functionality principle of the dating app

Stage 2. Examine primary advantages before you build a dating application

Stage 3. Make the structure and plan of a dating application

Stage 4. Use a correct tech stack to make a dating application

Stage 5. Add MVP features to your dating application

Stage 6. Choose a monetization strategy

The principle of dating app functionality

Dating applications have a place with a 'group' of social applications; that is the reason special attention is regularly paid to supporting human collaboration and meeting the client's specific requirements. Positively, there are no two identical dating applications: each current application (Tinder, OkCupid, Pure, eHarmony, just to give some examples) has a particular set of features and concepts that guarantee the required outcome. By the by, we can figure out a couple of things that you can't pass around if you need to build a dating application.

Getting started with dating apps

The first meet with an app is like the first date of great importance. In this way, it's consistently a smart thought to introduce your application's functions to the user. Top existing dating applications don't disregard the intensity of the initial introductions. You also shouldn't. Something like a sliding tutorial will make the user fall in love with your app at first sight

The technology of attraction: Matching algorithms

Okay, after contributing important data about themselves, dating application users are prepared to get serious and do what they should do to discover Mr. or then again Mrs. Right. The initial phase in this genuinely sensitive cycle is matching users. Dating applications may utilize a wide assortment of matching techniques to match up partners who like one another. How about we investigate some of them.

  • Area awareness

It's consistently ideal to make another colleague inside your location chances of accomplishment increment. You are more likely to live happily ever after with somebody in your city than on another continent. No big surprise, dating applications will in general utilize GPS parts in their matching algorithm. Having suggested a list of users close and few data about them, the application lets you decide who you like and wish to begin communicating.

  • Mathematical basis

Another innovation, which is generally used, is the mathematical algorithm that interfaces individuals by discovering similitudes in answers given to a suggested questionnaire. Such algorithms are generally founded on the similarity level of answers given for each question independently or all inquiries altogether. Some dating applications, like OkCupid, for example, decide the similarity rate in a more complex manner considering your answers as well as how you might want another person to reply and how important this inquiry is for you.

  • Behavior-based matching

It ought to appear to be that question-based similarity is sufficient to provide clients some insight who can suit them best. However, people tend to provide incorrect data about themselves. It might happen unintentionally, or somebody may deliberately hide certain things. This leads to incompatible matches.

  • Best Dating Apps: What Stands behind the Success?

There is an answer, however. The algorithm for behavior-based matching is more complex than numerical and area-based ones as they work with information accumulated from outside sources (social media accounts, profiles, groups they visit, musical playlists, and so on). Creating and examining huge datasets require critical assets.  It's where a Big Data analytics approach assists to increase the chances of the correct match.

  • Advanced matching techniques

Dating apps become smarter. Way more brilliant. They apply new innovative advances to improve client experience and guarantee more exact matching. Machine learning technology, artificial intelligence (AI), VR, and AR all these impact dating applications advancement also. To be explicit, the specific AI innovation that powers Netflix and Amazon's personalized proposals can be applied to dating applications.

Why are dating applications advantageous?

Considering the overall popularity of dating applications, it is smarter to list 5 fundamental advantages that let such applications prevail and be in demand.

Quick and proficient. Applications, in contrast to a site, give clients more opportunities and lasting availability. Dating applications give clients an occasion to get a fast admittance to their record when they hit the street, for example. With the assistance of a dating application, clients can essentially search for a perfect partner in any place they are right now. Life becomes more flexible people can build relationships on the go.

Useful for busy people and introverts. Few people live at their work. They need to make new relations they want to love and be loved yet they have no ideal opportunity to visit better places to meet someone. That is the place where dating application comes in. It helps such people consistently discover an ideal opportunity to meet interesting people. Similar concerns introverts - people which don't have great communication skills. An application can assist them with battling with this personal fault and locate a decent conversationalist.

Discover a perfect partner close by. Most dating applications offers clients a geolocation highlight that makes it conceivable to discover an individual close by. It implies that the client won't just meet someone, but a new friend can also even live on the distance 1 km from him or her. It is a truly amazing thing.

No undesirable associations. No one will have the option to assault the user with countless letters if the user would not like to. Generally speaking, in practically all dating applications it is conceivable to begin visiting just when users put likes to one another. It means when you like photographs of man/lady, they have to like you back. So you have a fellow feeling and you have to go on.

Variety. Because of online dating, it is possible to meet someone you didn't even expect to meet in real life. Peoples of different professions, from various areas, register in the dating application and every one of them has a wide decision of potential perfect partners in this service. So the user can discover who they have been waiting for.

Build an app structure and design

At the point when we have recorded fundamental advantages, we can continue directly to the advancement cycle and start with making a dating application structure. Let's see how to do it!

Pick a catching name

'Catching' word is the most fitting word for this situation. Peoples need to recall the name of your service, it ought to be short and cooperative so users will have the option to hear it once and recollect until the end of time. Word of mouth will likewise work here since users will share the name of your app with their friends.

Decide your targeted audience

What is the age range of users you make an application for? You can make an overall dating application that can meet the prerequisites of both youth and older age. Alright, at that point, what will be an unmistakable component of your application? It will be like different partners and you will pick up nothing. In this way, it would be a superior choice to make an application for a particular audience, a particular location, etc. It will assist your application to stand out from the group and make a progress.

Make an amazing UI/UX design

The interface of the application should be catchy too so users will feel good when they begin using it. Stay aware of a basic principle - build basic and natural design. Users need to deal with a clear UX that isn't extremely unique and that isn't confusing. Concerning UI, bright colors and clear buttons will doubtlessly be received well by users. Try not to confuse - and you will succeed!

Manage a promoting plan

Apart from great design and the correct targeted audience, you shouldn't ignore brand promotion and increment your user base when you make your dating application. That is the reason you ought to make a marketing plan and thoroughly consider each progression to expand users' reliability and connect more users to your application. Marketing plan assumes a significant role in brand promotion and it ought to be capable, so mind it.

So when you decide on how to make a dating app for Android or iOS, these 4 simple steps will assist you with making a general structure of your dating application and advance it wisely.

Head: Tech stack for dating application

To make a dating application, you should get to know the main tools that can be used for the development of dating applications by Hepto Technologies specialists. But our engineers can use various devices, everything relies upon your particular prerequisites.

Tools needed for your dating app development

Types of tools                                          Mobile/back-end

Programming languages                        Java, Kotlin, Swift

Frameworks                                             Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, React Router

Cloud storage                                           Amazon S3

Database                                                   Postgre SQL, MongoDB, Redis

Web servers                                             Nginx

Payment gateway                                   Stripe, PayPal

General utilities                                       Optimizely, Twilio, Elasticsearch, Google Maps, Google Analytics.

As we have recently noticed, a toolset can be extended and modified depending on the individual prerequisites of the user.

MVP for a dating application

Even though you need your future dating application to be a unique product that won't be like any current applications, there is a range of features that ought to be coordinated into your application compulsory to make a working application. So pay your attention to these features that will be listed below to see how to build a dating app.

  • Social sign-in

Long registration processes as of now appear to be an ancient truth that can't survive today. So sign-in feature is a first must-have feature. Let users register using their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account and begin searching for a perfect partner. Also, social sign-in offers clients a chance to share your service in web-based media.

  • User profile

Every user should have its profile where his/her interests and hobbies will be demonstrated. Generally speaking, all main data of your profile is extracted from social networks so clients don't have to invest their energy in it. Users can read profiles of one another to see better what an individual likes or dislikes.

  • Geolocation

Due to this feature, it will be able for people to choose the location where they need to discover a perfect partner and even pick close by areas. It is improbable that clients from various pieces of the nation will meet, so this feature must be included in your app.

  • Matching

Current technologies permit developers to coordinate the AI-based algorithm to initiate more activate smarter matches including all hobbies, interests, area, age, etc. Searching for perfect partners turns out to be more advantageous and flexible, so users will rapidly observe potential applicants they can attempt to meet.

  • Chatting

How is it possible to talk with one another without the chatting system? At the point when clients have a match, they can begin chatting and get to know each other better. Also, it is possible to add stickers and GIFs alternatively to make messages more clear.

  • Pop-up notification

Users will see important reminders from the application just as notification about matches when they are not in the application. So users won't waste their time and they can change to talking with their potential perfect partner.

  • Swiping

If you make a dating application with the foresight to the traditional matching model, at that point swiping feature is important. When you browse photos of women/men, swipe to the right side means you like a person, swipe to the left means you avoid this photograph. Everything is simple.

  • Settings

Settings include primary features like select by categories, on/off the sound, customize various filters, and so on

  • Admin panel

You ought to have your admin panel that you will enter using a typical PC. You will have the option to block users, solve main primary issues that may emerge,  provide total control.

Cost of making a dating application

You probably need to know how much cash you will need to invest in the development of your dating application. This section will feature everything concerning the cost.

Concerning platform type, there is practically no difference between iOS and Android application costs. Thus, first, we will show you the time needed for the development of every essential component for one platform (iOS or Android).

  • Social sign-in - 15-26 hours (min-max)
  • User profile - 45-67 hours
  • Geo  location - 5-10 hours
  • Matching - 70-90 hours
  • Chatting - 131-189 hours
  • Push notifications - 13-20 hours
  • Swiping - 11-14 hours
  • Settings - 20-29 hours
  • Admin panel - 20-36 hours

Taking into account the average hourly rate of $50, we can calculate that negligible expense for the development of your dating application for one platform will be $16,500, while the greatest expense is $24,050 and higher. However, it is an estimated dating application development cost since development time always includes meetings, DevOps, release to productions, and other services. Plus, this estimate includes just an essential feature. *So we may make a last and detailed estimate upon your request if you provide us with a full description of your prerequisites.                                                                         

How do dating applications make money?                    

We have just examined a couple of times that there is no need to make your app paid to produce income. Various broadly acknowledged monetization techniques are at the service of smart app developers.

Premium applications. Most of the dating applications offer free service to its users, however, some of them use premium application version too. So you should consider this choice to increase a decent benefit. The premium application can offer a couple of extra features like the following:

Boost the account. App users can pay a fixed charge and become the first in the search list for a showed timeframe. Everything is fair;

Smart swipe. Incorporated AI calculations change the way how users can see your photographs. The order of the photographs can be changed relying upon the interests of the users who browse them. It gives more possibilities for an applicant;

Limitless right swipes. In a nonpaid application, the number of every day right swipes can be restricted, so individual peoples can use a premium application that will give them a limitless number of right swipes;

Advertisement free. Premium applications will be without promotion ad and users will not see any advertising content that may irritate them.

Gifts. This application for those people who are searching for love- that is the reason users should have an opportunity to send gifts to one another like flowers, kisses, greetings, and so on. This feature might be offered for a fixed fee.

Promoting. The method of monetization for 90% of applications.  Integrate different advertising into your application, yet don't pack the application with an advertisement, in any case, your users will quit using the application and discover another.

Our Experience

At Hepto Technologies, we've just dealt with a few dating project. Greenlight Dating is one example of them. Discover more details about this project on our portfolio page.

The application is focused on the US areas where Tinder isn't exactly mainstream. Its fundamental thought is to assist peoples with finding a friend or perfect partner using a well-known mechanic. Greenlight also offers chat to matched users and day by day questions so they could study one another.

As said, the application uses a good-old mechanic of matching people. Except that users press on traffic light-like buttons rather than doing left-right-swipes. The green light shows an incredible sympathy(similarly to Super like in Tinder), the yellow light is used for like, and the red light for dislike.

The application is at present accessible on iOS. Our group has used a lot of technologies to encapsulate the customer's thoughts and convey a solid application with extraordinary client experience.

You can see the technologies used for this project below.


Today there is a large number of dating applications that can fit each taste, yet the creative mind has no limits and we have an extraordinary field for the production of technologies that can make a discovery.  Being armed with everything said above, you can enter the competition with your product making a dating application of a significant level.