Key Reasons Why Flutter is the New Hue in Mobile App Development

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In this digital era, the app development industry is witnessing a rapid evolution in technology and is continuously upgrading for a better version. Likewise, business owners are more focused on leveraging the latest framework to stay competitive. Flutter is an open-source framework gaining popularity because of its ability to develop feature-packed mobile applications with interactive user interfaces. Flutter has skillfully brought enormous change and benefits in the development of mobile apps. In this blog, we are going to discuss all these noteworthy changes and the reasons why Flutter is included for becoming an emerging trend in the App development industry. 

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one of the popular cross-platform, open-source frameworks by Google incorporated with features like hot reload, a single codebase that builds, tests, and deploys multi-platform applications including mobile, web, and desktop all from a single codebase that uses Dart which is a fast, object-oriented programming language. Flutter applications have a great look and feel because it is a comprehensive framework that comes with widgets and tools that are fast, attractive, and customizable.

Key Features of Flutter:

Every cross-platform framework can perform some things and offers some features to build app development. Flutter framework is a bit different and has numerous advantages over its competitors. Let's take a look at what makes Flutter app development better than other frameworks and why businesses should use it for their mobile app development.

  • One codebase for all platforms
  • Faster code development
  • Rich libraries
  • Enormous UI customization potential
  • Increased time-to-market speed
  • Fast testing with hot reload

Key Aspects to Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development

Single Codebase

Flutter has a single codebase that allows writing codes for iOS and Android and the feature of a single codebase in Flutter results in a quick app development process and higher productivity.

Hot Reload Feature

Hot Reload is one of the unique features which helps in creating alluring app designs at a faster rate and viewing the effects on the app immediately without any delay. It quickly experiments with user interfaces and builds them accordingly by adding useful features and eliminating the risk of errors.

Advanced User Interface

Flutter is the best framework and it has a wide range of tools and widgets, making the app’s user interface more expressive and flexible. It is imperative to create an engaging user interface to lure users, in that Flutter is best.


Flutter is a cross-platform framework that has customized widgets that develop natively-compiled applications and deliver an excellent user experience. It is cost-effective because business owners hire one development team, who will develop an application for both platforms using a single code.

Quicker Development Time

The hot reload feature available in the Flutter framework has a single codebase feature that results in a quick app development process that makes the changes in the code visible, and the changed code is reloaded within a few seconds while the app is still running.

Improved User Experience

Flutter provides a flawless and glitch-free user experience with outstanding UI/UX capabilities and gains market share by providing seamless UI/UX features with robust design elements. 

Top-Notch Performance

App development with Flutter utilizes Dart programming language that works on object-oriented programming concepts and the programming style is declarative, a JavaScript bridge to compile code and provide an improved app startup time. So Flutter apps are high in performance.

Final Thoughts

After reading this blog, you know the top reasons and understood why Flutter is the new trend in mobile app development and its demand for mobile app development is growing day by day. Flutter is one of the best cross-platform app development frameworks in the market with its outstanding features like a single code, Hot Reload, and ease of creating apps for multiple platforms. It is the most preferable option for mobile app developers to develop apps within less time and money. As a leading flutter app development company, Hepto Technologies choose Flutter because it is a good choice for app development. If you are planning to build a Flutter-based mobile app, focus on the latest version of Flutter to get effective results for your app development.