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Fitness App - Hepto technologies

Fitness facilities across the globe have closed their doors amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 public health emergency. And whilst some states plan for reopening that could include health clubs, the protocols for social distancing can doubtless stay, requiring owners of fitness businesses which will soon reopen or people who should stay shuttered for currently to consider two options—go digital or probably disappear.

The good news is that technology-forward fitness professionals have been using digital tools to interact with members outside of brick-and-mortar locations for a long time. The business has also seen a recent explosion within the range of digital fitness tools on the market to assist place of business operators to deliver and decriminalize digital fitness content.

A successful digital fitness business begins with a concept for content and delivery. The most effective digital fitness platforms allow operators to quickly launch a branded digital fitness products with the correct content delivery and community engagement tools in place. Before preferring a digital fitness platform, take care to think about the content you may deliver and how it will continue to support your physical locations once doors open up.

You can build a web fitness platform and provide categories or sessions via video conferencing facility. This can be possible with a video conferencing app like Zoom that allows users across the globe to attend sessions with some taps on their smartphones. If organizations will conduct their conferences through the same platform, why not fitness sessions?

What are the potential advantages of a Zoom for fitness app?

Fitness App - Hepto technologies

This fitness platform features a list of benefits that may assist you to obtain a better clarity on however helpful the app is:

  • Access to international users:

People across the globe will be a part of the fitness sessions or classes from their remote locations. They’ll be updated regarding the schedule well before, and that they will be a part of through a video conferencing facility. They’ll select their trainers and request personal sessions additionally if needed.

  • Revenue-generating platform:

This will be a profitable video conferencing platform that may assist you to generate better revenue than you expected. Trainers will offer paid sessions for users, and therefore the business owner will cut a commission for every user attending the class. This can be a fast supply of financial gain for Zoom for a fitness business.

  • Major services offered within the Zoom clone app:

The video conferencing app has a long list of services that several corporates, schools, and universities will create use of. The services are designed to supply an honest user expertise. It’s a one-stop answer for all of your multi-member video conference meetings or webinars. Below listed are the main services offered by the app:

  • Online meetings:

This service offers HD video conferencing alongside extra features like messaging and content sharing. The app is installed on any device of the user’s alternative, and that they will build use of it to host meetings in their organization, be part of a meeting, conduct or attend on-line classes, chat with friends, and more.

  • HD-Video webinars:

With this feature, users will host and broadcast events effectively. Around 100 participants will participate in the event, and nearly 10,000 view-only attendees will be a part. If hosts need to receive payments for the webinar, they will use an integrated entree like PayPal. Alternative attributes include Q&A polling, participant raise hand, Attention indicator, etc.

  • Conference rooms:

It is a special service which will be taken advantage of by the corporates alone. This service allows users to share their screens on multiple devices. Visuals, graphs, and alternative information also can be displayed once sharing screens. When an attempt period of 1 month, when that you have got to subscribe by paying a set amount. Its features include digital collection, zoom touch displays, programming displays, and more.

  • In-app chat facility:

The chat service is accessible for desktop and mobile therefore making communication easier. With this feature, you'll be able to share content within the one-on-one group session. Its major attributes include advanced search, comprehensive availability standing, and alternative security-related options.

User App

  • Join meetings:

Users are given unique meeting IDs that they will enter into the app to join a specific meeting. The IDs can even be customized by users.

  • Host meetings:

With this feature, users will host a meeting and send an invitation to other users. The meeting will be conducted via an online browser or a mobile app.

  • Sharing screens:

Users will share their screens with multiple users via this platform during an on-going meeting or category.

  • Voice calling:

The Zoom clone app additionally contains the voice call facility wherever users can act via voice alone. Video choice will be disabled.

  • Scheduled meetings:

Users will schedule business meetings, webinars, or on-line classes earlier by specifying the date and time in the invite to be sent to users.

  • Real-time messaging facility:

This enables users to interact with one another simply. They will share any content like videos, documents, etc. during the meeting.

  • HD video conferencing:

All meetings, webinars, and online sessions are streamed via a high-definition video conferencing feature. 

  • Easy recording:

Hosts or participants will record the whole meeting or session and store it if needed.

  • Limited access:

When hosting a meeting, access to attend it is provided to selected users, and therefore the rest won't be allowed to join the conference call.

  • Disable/enable voice:

With this feature, users can turn their voice or mike on or off when needed. Other users won't be able to hear them if this feature is switched on.

Admin dashboard:

The powerful admin dashboard can help the admin manage all conferences, classes, and webinars using the options out there.

  • Access to analytics and reports:

Analytics and reports generated for analyzing the growth and behavior of the business will be accessible in the admin dashboard.

  • Customization:

The admin will modify or update the features of the dashboard based on their needs. This can be another advantage.

  • Secure payment gateways:

The admin will add any number of secure payment gateways to the app, and users pay anybody of them when needed.

  • Multiple admins:

The admin will create many sub-admin profiles and provide them restricted access and allow them to manage a specific section of the application. This may facilitate the admin in providing a lot of economical service to users.

  • Manage packages:

The different packages offered may be changed, or a further package will be value-added by the admin if required.

Premium features for a Zoom clone application for fitness:

The video fitness app contains a set of attributes that will help users and trainers access the app easily:

  • Registration:

Customers and trainers should be able to register with their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts. Upon productive registration, they need to complete the authentication method by getting into the unique code sent to their mobile numbers or email IDs.

  • Choose a session:

Users can read the list of workout routines out there and spot anyone of them. They will also use the search filter to search out a routine of their choice quickly. They’re going to get access to the schedule, and that they will go along with their convenient time interval.

  • Scheduled classes:

With this feature, users will schedule their workout sessions well before. They’re going to be reminded regarding the sessions via notifications. This may facilitate them to keep organized and attend sessions daily.

  • Set challenges:

Registered users will set daily, weekly, or monthly challenges within the app. to stay them motivated, a scoreboard may be maintained wherever users can track their progress and see wherever they stand. They will compete with other users and remain top, the complete period of the session.

  • Group physical exertion routines

Fitness App - Hepto technologies

  • Users can group with their friends or workout partners and be part of a customized workout routine. During this group session, only the popular set of people are going to be available, thus users can have a fun-filled and competitive workout session.
  • Mute option:

Users will avoid the background noise of different users by enabling the mute option. This may help them avoid any distractions throughout the workout sessions.


Our highly trained professionals will assist you and guide you throughout the time period of the Zoom clone app development process. Include all the mandatory features mentioned here and manage to build a profitable business during this pandemic season. Regarding the security of your staff and purchasers, you'll be able to purchase this Zoom clone app and run your business smoothly via this on-line video conferencing platform.