Limeligthing Features Of Our Uber Clone Script

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The growing trend of the ride-hailing industry provides you with an opportunity to start a taxi booking business with all the required features and functionalities and get more earnings.  Uber Clone helps business owners to build the best ride-hailing service with all amenities. Uber Clone App is an innovative on-demand platform built on the most recent technologies that remain an ideal inspiration for entrepreneurs. When there is a constant demand, to sustain the competition it is crucial to add something new and innovative that attracts many entrepreneurs and business owners. Uber Clone, is a taxi booking application offering useful tips to multiply your taxi business in a short time and succeed in the Taxi Booking Business. In this blog, we are going to discuss the most effective features of Uber Clone Script.

How Uber Multiply Your Taxi Business:      

Uber clone is a ride-hailing app solution that offers multiple business opportunities to a company to launch its taxi-booking support online. Uber Clone supports your customers to find rides at their convenience and helps the drivers earn by completing the trips that users have requested. The Uber Clone apps are built with the required functions and latest features and the ride-booking experience should be pleasant, comfortable, and for the rider’s convenience.

Features of Uber Clone:  

Uber clone is an excellent taxi booking app software that suits well for the ride-hailing business. Uber Clone is a well-designed seamless interface with the latest technologies and new features, that facilitates the taxi business without any hassle.

Ride booking option with unlimited registration - Either ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book Later’

Booking the ride now or later helps to get the ride as fast as possible and is a must feature incorporated in all the taxi apps. The future trips of the rider can also be planned with the help of a book later option.

Tracking the Driver in Real-time

Tracking the Driver in Real-time is one of the essential options in taxi booking software. It shows the travel route of the driver and the path for the driver to reach the rider easily. 

Peak Hours Pricing

In a taxi booking business, there is a possibility to charge some extra fares during peak hours. This feature helps the admin can set variable prices during peak hours of lets the admin charge more, and the drivers can earn more.

Carpooling Or Share Taxi

Carpooling or Sharing taxis is of the primary options in the Uber clone to share their ride with the other riders. The carpooling or taxi sharing option helps the rider to save the fare amount and leads to a reduction in toll fares, pollution, etc. 

Real-time Sharing of the Ride Details

Sharing the ride details feature helps the customer to be assured about the route taken to reach the destination by the driver and ensure whether a person has reached the destination safely or not that providing a safe and secured journey.

Obtain Reviews and Ratings for Enhancement

Both the driver and rider can rate and review each other after the completion of the trip. The riders know about the driver before taking a ride and the ratings and reviews show that if it is possible to have a positive riding experience with the driver or not. The feedback provided by the user helps the admin to know what the users expect.

Trip Statement

The Trip Statement feature provides the trip history of the riders with the essential details including the total amount charged, details of the ride and much more. The history of the ride is visible for both drivers and riders to allow them to check the details about the ride.

Fare Estimation

This is the latest feature of a taxi booking app, it estimates the fare amount of the ride by calculating the distance between the source and destination point. This feature allows the customers to view the estimated taxi fare before starting a ride.

In-App Chat/Call Option

The In-App Chat/Call option is available for both the driver and the rider for communication purposes. This feature allows the driver, and rider to call, and chat with each other, once the driver has accepted the ride request. 


Promocodes are the essential feature is available to the admin of the online taxi booking product to bring more customers to the platform. The admin can offer discounts to both the driver and rider which helps to bring lots of customers to the product.

Wrap Up:

Uber Clone is a taxi booking application to expand the taxi business that connects users and drivers it is built on the native Android and iOS platforms and will have integrated user-friendly modules with new features that offer greater convenience.  Uber Clone supports the growing taxi business reach by providing ride-hailing services with customized modules that lead to multiple business opportunities for acquiring more customers. Hepto Technologies is a leading mobile app and web development company based in India that pledged to provide clone applications of various popular mobile apps for startup companies and futuristic entrepreneurs.