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As people, we have consistently had reliable necessities to have our basic things around us. So it is just sensible that we carry our important things where we go. However, in carrying and moving things starting with one spot then onto the next, time and separation are urgent elements to consider. Moving and moving a lot of things needs an abundant measure of time.

Albert Einstein once said that 'Reality is not states of presence, existence is a model of speculation." True to Einstein's statement, products can be moved to start with one spot then onto the next with the assistance of on-demand logistic applications. The on-demand logistic application enables the movers and the service providers to associate with the clients easily.


  • The clients and drivers can log in and enroll themselves. The admin of the application deals with all the databases.
  • The client can search for trucks in the inquiry section of the application. They can demand vehicles dependent on the products they need to move.
  • Later, the driver gets a notice to ask for and can acknowledge the offer dependent on the timetable for the day.
  • Then, the driver enables the clients to move their merchandise starting with one spot then onto the next with the assistance of the vigorous in-constructed GPS highlight of the application.
  • After the service is done, the client can help out their payment through the various payment gateway. A suitable sum is part and credited to the driver and the administrator.
  • Later, the clients can rate their service and give their feedback as well.


Using a Lynk clone application to build up an on-demand logistics application would cost substantially less than really making another application without any preparation. Why pick a Lynk clone application over building up another application? It is because a Lynk clone application is prepared for an organization with scarcely any vital customizations, and it is likewise savvy to tweak a clone application. The cost of building up an on-demand logistics application using Lynk clone is practically a large portion of the cost of building up another application for a single platform. This is an extremely fitting spending plan contrasted with building another one.

In building up a Lynk clone application, it is important to guarantee that you get the accompanying basic highlights at an appropriate price.


  • User can log in and enroll themselves easily.
  • They can book for trucks immediately dependent on the pickup area.
  • Users can likewise book an on-request administration application in a flash or timetable the vehicles for a particular time and date.
  • Users get the price assessment dependent on the area and separation.
  • The truck can be followed effectively with the assistance of the GPS.
  • Users can pay safely after their services are availed.
  • They can likewise rate their service.
  • Users can cancel their appointments whenever and see the history of their bookings.


  • Like the client, drivers likewise sign in using their credentials.
  • Drivers will get a warning of the truck to ask for and acknowledge it according to their timetable.
  • Afterward, the client's subtleties are auto-created using which the truck driver can arrive at the client's place by profiting the GPS include.
  • Drivers can follow their acquiring which is spared in a different portion of the application.
  • Drivers can likewise give criticism on their agreeableness and involvement in clients and the administration.


  • The admin has a valuable dashboard where all the on-going activities of the application are put away. The user data analytics, profit, booking, and much more can be seen.
  • The content can be overseen in the application without any problem. The admin can refresh and alter the substance of the application. They can likewise send warning updates, promotion codes, and substantially more.
  • The admin can likewise allocate drivers physically now and again.
  • The admin likewise deals with all the payment exchanges and discounts inside the application.
  • The admin can likewise give intuitive client service through the in-application visit and instant messages.


High Performance :

Since the product needs to deal with a great deal of traffic through booking trucks and information bases of the clients and drivers, the application needs to perform with high productivity.

Fully adaptable :

The application must be 100% adaptable and customizable as per the admin business needs. The UI, symbols, highlights, and topics ought to be altered with validity.

A useful GPS global positioning framework :

All the on-going moving cycles of the application can be followed utilizing the GPS highlight of the application. It empowers the drivers to offer immaculate support of the clients and helps the administrator in watching out for the service provided.

Easy Payment :

The highlights and choices to do the payment cycle ought to be different, empowering the clients to do a smooth and secure payment process.

User Friendly :

The use of the application ought to skim and to the point of understanding. A moderate encounter and non-obfuscating will consistently get more clients to the application.


Moving a large number of goods with one spot then onto the next needs a ton of suitable arranging and tolerance. In running an on-demand logistic application, guarantee that you offer types of assistance with no problem. For more information regarding the development, please schedule a meeting with our expert developer.

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