On-demand beauty salon app Cost & Features

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On-demand beauty salon app Cost & Features : (2020)

In today's busy working schedules, many people find it difficult to visit the beauty parlor for ordinary service. What's more, the long waiting time at these salons makes the situation harder. Perceiving customers required a more powerful and productive service that cautiously obliges their magnificence service routine. Furthermore, this is actually what an on-demand beauty service application delivers. Such applications empower the customer to complete the necessary excellent service at a convenient time and the comfort of their homes. Sounds good, right?

Understanding the neglected needs of peoples searching for proficient beauty parlor benefits, plenty of beauty parlor proprietors are joining the bandwagon by investing in an on-demand beauty service app. With these applications, the customer gets accommodation and the business gets more footfall.

If you are also hoping to scale your business with an on-demand beauty service application, you have come to the right spot here, we will discuss the various parts of a stunner and health application and distinguish the expense of creating one.

Why We Should Invest in Beauty Service App: Market Size and Stats

The worldwide beauty industry is developing at a remarkable rate as excellent brands are continually hoping to give better other options. Right now, the worldwide excellence industry is worth over $532 billion and is assessed to reach $716.6 billion by 2025. In a lifetime, a normal lady spends over $225,000 on skincare alone.

Proceeding onward, inferable from expanding customer interest for excellent service, and move to the online platform, the life of beauty specialists has gotten a lot simpler. A year ago, out of the 1.2 million experts, including beauticians, stylists, and beauticians in the US, around 70% began advertising themselves through mobile applications.

As per another report, the spa and beauty parlor market in 2017 was esteemed at $128.59 billion. Furthermore, this is foreseen to reach $190.81 billion every 2024.

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How On-demand Beauty App Works

 After a customer downloads the application, he/she can easily book a local beautician from among the options recorded inside the application. When the booking is confirmed, a beautician will come at the selected time and execute the mentioned service wherever. the user required.

This is an essential on-demand beauty service application that empowers the clients to complete their beauty treatment at their accommodation.

Developing Apps for the Beauty Industry

The various service that can be extended out inside the beauty industry incorporate however are not restricted to:

  • Salon beauty benefits at home
  • Hiring beauty experts for an event
  • Beauty products home delivery
  • Appointment booking for beauty service
  • Skincare and wellbeing service at home

Various business model for On-demand Beauty Service App



  1.  Dedicated/Self-owned Model

Dedicated applications are those which are made by an eminent delight brand or a setup salon to grow their business locally. With these applications, the beautician co-op can make potential customers mindful of their service and improve the online presence of their organization. At whatever point a booking is made, it is straightforwardly directed to the application owner spa or salon. They at that point designate an expert to visit the client's home and extend the service.

2. Aggregator Beauty Service App

Aggregator applications acquire all salons, makeup artists, stylists, and free cosmetologists under one umbrella. If you build up an aggregator application, you have to collaborate with the beauty parlors and spas service in your area. In these applications, the income is produced by charging a commission/expense for every transaction.

Scaling Your Beauty On-demand Service App

To stand separated from the group, a few organizations are reaching out past the fundamental contributions and testing to scale their business in the following ways:

  • Adding new classifications

Adding new classifications, for example, Ayurveda, sea-going treatment, laser, nourishment counseling, and so on is an incredible method to scale your offerings.

  • Coordinating eCommerce platforms

Selling beauty and wellness products by adding an online store can assist you to achieve competitive advantages.

  • Entering another geological market

If you need to arrive at more clients, you can decide to enter a completely new geological market.

  • Starting with membership boxes

Membership boxes are extraordinary as they help the customers to remain consistent with their regular beauty system. You can begin delivering a modified box of beauty items every month to your customers at a fixed month to month cost.

  • Dispatching a select disconnected store

When your brand has made an imprint in the online world, you can even set up an offline store and earn from the franchise model.

Monetization Opportunities by On-Demand Beauty Service App

  • Highlighted Features

In this, the aggregator applications can highlight a couple of beauty services in the top part of the application or publicize them independently so they can catch the customer's eye. As an end-result of this included posting, the application owner can charge a particular measure of expense. A lot of specialist organizations decide on highlighted posting as it assists with accepting the most extreme deals.

  • Commission

In this, the mobile application owner charges a particular measure of cash from the salons and cosmetologists recorded on the application. This commission is charged for each request sent through the application. This is a popular source of income for aggregator applications that permits the owner to produce an enormous amount of pay.

  • Online business Enablement

The application owner can add an online beauty store inside the application to set up an equal income stream. The application customer can peruse through the store and buy beauty and wellbeing items legitimately from the application itself. This also assists in boosting customer commitment.

  • Advertisements Selling

The application owner can also bring in cash by adding PPC advertisements inside the application. These advertisements can be anything identified with the beauty and wellbeing industry. Furthermore, as an end-result of these advertisements, the application owner can charge a pre-chosen sum from the publicizing organizations.

General features in an On-demand Beauty Service App

User Panel:

  • Social Signup/Login
  • View various beauty services
  • Browse and select stylists or beauty salon
  • Hire professional beautician
  • Schedule an appointment at the salon
  • Integrated payment system
  • Rate and Review beauticians and other services
  • View past bookings and future schedule
  • View and choose subscription packages
  • Live Chat with the stylist/beautician

Beauty Salon owner panel:

  • Register via email id
  • View user requests
  • Catalog Management
  • Manage services offered
  • Schedule the stylist for users
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Accept/decline user’s request
  • Manage the price of services offered

Individual Beauty Expert Panel

  • Register via Social/email id
  • View and confirm bookings
  • Manage calendar and availability
  • Accept/Reject/ Re-schedule user request
  • List services and prices
  • Accept payments
  • Manage catalog

Super Admin Panel

  • Manage stylist/beauty salons/beauticians and end-users
  • Manage CMS
  • Report generation
  • Manage payments
  • Manage subscription packages
  • App monetization
  • Manage marketing channels

The amount Does It Cost to Build a Beauty Service Mobile App?

There is no simple response to this. The specific expense of development relies on a wide scope of variables, for example, sort of highlights, back-end, application unpredictability level, UI/UX needs, outsider incorporations, and so on Every one of these variables meet up to decide the time taken to finish the on-demand beauty service application development.

Let us take a gander at several elements that straightforwardly sway the application development spending plan and timeline.


Building up a local application for both the platform, for example, Android and iOS will bring about expanded time, exertion, assets, and cost.

2. The number of screens

An application with a ton of functionalities and more screens will imply that the engineers need to contribute an excessive amount of time in building up the application.

3. Design Complexity

If you need an exceptional plan that can quickly catch the client's eye, at that point you will need to follow through on a greater expense for it.

4. Gadget types

If you require the application to work flawlessly overall Android or iOS devices, for example, the mobile, tablet, desktop, and so on then you have to address a greater expense. Making the application adaptable to various resolution and screen sizes require significantly more exertion.

5. Outsider reconciliation

Outsider module incorporations to improve the application's usefulness will also build its development cost.

Aside from this, the location of the development company legitimately influences the general expense. Most customers discover India to be the most attainable objective for outsourcing mobile application improvement necessities. This is because, in India, the labor cost is around $20 to $70 every hour, which is low in contrast with different countries like the USA and Europe, where it runs between $50 to $250 every hour.

Signing Off:

If you are an aspiring business person who needs to grow his brand outreach or essentially make a constant flow on revenue, putting resources into an on-demand beauty service application is an extraordinary thought. The unbelievable application offers humongous comforts to the customers who have no longer to face the unavailability of their favored time or obliviousness of the better arrangements offered by beauty parlors and spas.

To connect with a presumed mobile application development organization and get your hands all alone on-demand beauty service application immediately.