On-Demand Economy Statistics 2021: Insights That Proves Scope Of On-Demand Startups

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On-Demand Economy Statistics 2021: Insights That Proves Scope Of On-Demand Startups

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The new trend has shown up among people today. We have started booking taxis, requesting food, book doctor appointments, hiring electricians, servants, beauticians, and so forth in a flash from our cell phones. Professionals in the on-demand applications industry forecast that there will be an exceptional shift in the market.

As this industry is assuming control over all the traditional plans of action, the current enterprises and business visionaries are understanding the capability of this trillion-dollar industry. Also, gradually numerous new companies and existing plans of action have begun adjusting to the on-demand economy.

The New On-Demand Business Economy

The foremost thing to comprehend is all the clients expect in help is versatility, personalization, responsiveness, and easy understanding of the application. One should satisfy every one of these desires to develop your on-demand business. There are numerous on-demand business plans like online food delivery, taxi booking, on-demand multi-administrations business, e-learning stage, online ride-sharing business, on-demand video real-time stage, and so on One of the primary parts in this industry is played by versatile applications.

Progression of e-Services

After the turbulent times, since things have settled down, it is a decent an ideal opportunity to contemplate what the e-Services have achieved in India and what they could additionally focus on. This is one business classification that can be pleased with it. For e-Services has jumped regarding their evolution, adoption, and stabilization rates. It took about a decade for an e-commerce business to convert into a propensity for the Indian people. e-Services have accomplished this accomplishment in twice less time! The area is obviously powered by variables, for example, portability of things, ability improvement activities, and a nuclear family-focused urban ecosystem. The declining portable Internet rates across India have additionally had their impact in arriving at this new plan of action to the end clients.

Services that the People Need

This business classification has introduced an existence of accommodation and comfort for the end clients. As mentioned previously, one of the vital influencers' behind the transient growth of e-services is the family unit based urban ecosystem existing today. While the cutting edge family units like to make their buys from e-commerce stores, they have different requirements as well. They need moment help (in the types of administrations) to help their quick going way of life. Further, the administrations are required at the costs and timings of their decision. Unlike their predecessors, the families of modern times look upon physical searches (for fundamental administrations) as a wastage of time and energy. They are searching for arrangements on the Internet, to be exact through utility versatile applications. If they find affordable and convenient services, which arrive at their doorsteps on time they are glad! What's more, the on-demand and ideal e-services are supporting them preferably.

Enterprises that are Driving the On-demand App Economy

Medical care

The foremost business space that was in frightful need of on-demand solutions and which has been helping in pushing the on-demand business biological system further is Healthcare.

Prior, patients were needed to experience the rushed interaction of booking an arrangement, while doctors and clinical experts should maintain the store of medical files. Similarly, it was an absolute necessity for somebody to arrive at a pharmacy store within fixed working hours to get the medicines. All such conditions were making it hard for getting/serving the best wellbeing and care offices –  especially in the time of emergencies.  Yet, since the reception of the idea of on-demand, the total story has changed.

It has offered a horde of facilities like real-time appointment booking, home delivery of antibiotics, immediate clinical information sharing, requesting that specialists visit your place on-demand, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. This has digitized the entire process, dropped down the expense, time, and errors related to the cycle just as improved the odds of delivering compelling and customized medical care administrations to a more extensive crowd.


The Finance (or Fintech) area has likewise assumed an essential part in supporting the on-demand application economy by encouraging productive, quick, and practical answers for the current and established financial infrastructure.

Indeed, a more extensive scope of adaptable APIs is letting on-demand organizations effectively integrate payment measures into their applications, upgrade payment, guarantee straightforwardness and security, just as improve the client experience.


This is one more business area that is behind the developing On-demand application industry.

Generally, the instructive administrations were bound to schools, colleges, libraries, and other such foundations. Along these lines, any individual who has missed a morning class or wishes to get familiar with any theme while being in far off zones couldn't satisfy their necessities. Likewise, the process of managing tasks, taking examinations, and guaranteeing security into the interaction was next to impossible.

Food Delivery

The finite working hours and need for money payments in wholesale stores, restaurants, and different eateries outlets have also resulted in the rise in the number of on-demand delivery services.

On one side, the presentation of the on-demand idea into this vertical has helped purchasers order delectable food things in a matter of moments. While, on the opposite side, it has given restaurant proprietors better opportunities to sell items and appreciate higher ROI.

Travel and Tourism

travel and tourism

Travel and Tourism are likewise one of the assistance businesses that are helping the On-request economy flourish. Allow me to clarify with a model.

Prior, clients were needed to wait for getting a taxi during odd hours or on public holidays. In addition, they should confront heaps of issue and issues when traveling to far-off areas.

Be that as it may, with the appearance of Uber, Lyft, and other such applications, this has become as simple as pie. Presently, by tapping on these applications' interfaces, one can get a taxi immediately, get a departure from the traditional of refusal for the customary cabbies, pay ride passage even subsequent to finish a ride, and so forth.


Another industry that has seen honorable changes in its cycles and commercial center after the coming of the on-demand economy is Logistics.

The On-demand applications in the Logistics area like Uber Freight, Convoy, and Fastvan have supported organizations with relieving different customary difficulties, for example, bother of booking, trouble in delivery tracking, issues in armada and shipping center administration, and significantly more.

Also, along these lines, produce higher income and appreciate different advantages on adding to the rundown of top on-demand Logistics players and putting into the Logistics application improvement cost.


As effectively expressed in a previous article, the  real estate business is also adding to the on-demand economy development.

The real estate agents and clients are turning towards on-demand application market to discover answers for the traditional difficulties and receive the rewards, for example, –

  • No need for brokers
  • Lower cost
  • Time-efficiency
  • Reducing need for an on-site agent
  • Digitized offer-submission process, and
  • Ease of buying/selling products.

Retail and Online Marketplace

Retail and online commercial centers have additionally redesigned the on-demand application economy.

Customarily, the retail business was working offline, which was bringing about changed difficulties, for example, higher time utilization, more slow cycles, lower accessibility of items, and insufficient cycles.

In any case, with the joining of on-demand and retail plans of action, it has gotten a lot simpler to submit a request and get it in a lower time period, less expensive rates, and higher security rehearses.


The On demand application economy has additionally changed the scene of entertainment outlets.

Today, there are different video-on demand applications and music streaming stages that let clients investigate a wide scope of tracks, series, and resources across the globe, get moment admittance to them progressively, share their own work, pay flawlessly, and significantly more.

Wrapping up
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So now, as you are not exclusively familiar with the developing on-demand mobile application economy and the help businesses driving its development, but at the same time know about how to dive into the market smartly and effectively, don't stay shifting back and forth. Look forward to taking the right steps and entering the on-demand economy and harvesting higher benefits. What's more, on the off chance that you need any further assistance or data, don't hesitate to contact our on demand application engineers.