PHP Vs Python Which One Is Best For Your Next Project?

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Programming languages play an important role in the development of web and mobile app development projects. There are many programming languages are available for developing applications and choosing the right language is more significant. With advanced technological development, web and app developers use a wide range of languages in their projects. However, when we discuss web development ventures, Python and PHP are the most popular languages. 

A majority of businesses use PHP and Python languages when it comes to web development. When comparing these two languages, selecting one becomes difficult. PHP has been used to develop a wide range of websites, Python has also become quite well-known in the last two years. In this blog, we will discuss the two programming languages and take a look at the features and differences between these programming languages and decide which one is suitable for your next project.

What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor also known as PHP is widely used to build dynamic web apps and websites. As it is a server-side scripting language that smoothly fits with a majority of web servers on most the operating systems. PHP is an open-source programming language, used for creating dynamic HTML content over the web and it is popularly used for generating XML documents, Flash animations, graphics, PDF files, and much more. 

Features of PHP

  • PHP is a more efficient language when compared to languages such as ASP and JSP.
  • PHP offers effortless coding and deployment when compared to other scripting languages.
  • PHP offers the functionality of login with the help of the latest user accesses.
  • PHP offers support for databases such as Oracle and MySQL and also provides database integration.
  • With the help of predefined error reporting factors, PHP offers a warning error notice.

What is Python?

Python is considered to be an ideal choice for faster application development projects as it is an advanced object-oriented programming language. Python is a high level interpreted and object-oriented programming language consisting of in-built data structures, along with binding and data typing. It offers enormous library support and is used for developing standalone programs and scripting algorithms for various domains.

Features of Python

  • Python runs on several hardware platforms with the same UI.
  • Python offers the functionality of automatic garbage collection.
  • Python supports large programs and provides an ideal structure.
  • Python can work with Java, C, and C++ programming codes.
  • Python offers interactive debugging and testing.

Comparison of PHP and Python


Python is considered to be one of the fastest programming languages but PHP process huge amounts of data quickly at one go with high speed. In performance, the benefit of PHP over Python is its speed and scalability.


All businesses with online portals that provide services to customers use advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Python support many libraries that are very strong and powerful as compared to libraries being provided by PHP. 


Python comes with potent security features and it is one of the most secure languages globally whereas PHP has failed in offering flawless security when compared to Python though all security issues have been addressed because of its robust community support.

Library Support

Python has a wide range of machine learning libraries, whereas PHP does not have adequate library support. Python has much better and more mature packages and it is the superior choice for web applications development companies.


Python beats PHP in Syntax-error-free programming because Python's syntax is exceedingly legible. PHP has a complex syntax, it is quite advanced and can be time-consuming to learn which entails some limitations when encoding.


Python is popular for Django and Flask which is rocket-fast, secure, and user-friendly and PHP uses Zend, Symfony, Laravel, and Codeigniter. Both Python and PHP, provide a broad array of options for web-based frameworks whereas Python has a lower number of frameworks than PHP for web development.

When to choose PHP?

  • Less Investment Project
  • Building websites, web applications, and blogs
  • For Server-Side Scripting

When to choose Python?

  • For Data Analysis
  • Fields like data science, AO and robotics
  • For System Scripting

Wrapping Up

Python and PHP both are excellent in their own ways and each of them has its perk and is better at a specific thing. Sometimes Python is better than PHP, whereas sometimes PHP is better than Python it is based on the specific requirement of your project. The requirement determines your web development project's programming language. For example, if you need machine learning codes Python is the best solution on the other hand if you need a sophisticated eCommerce website PHP is the best solution and enjoy its rugged features. We hope this blog helps you to choose the right option of web development language to pursue your web development.