Start an online reselling business with the Meesho clone app

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Start an online reselling business with the Meesho clone app

Meesho clone app | reselling app | eCommerce app

What is a Reselling App? And how the Meesho clone app works?

In the reselling online business, the affiliate can buy items from wholesalers or sellers listed on the web-based business reselling stage and exchange them to their clients by adding a profit margin. Resellers can associate with their end clients through web-based media stages like WhatsApp and Facebook. They can share item pictures with detailed descriptions.

The benefit of this stage is that affiliates can acquire generous income without the requirement for ventures and stock administration. They can simply exchange the items and produce pay easily. Applications like Meesho are based on this business model and are picking up tremendous popularity in recent times. To assist you with entering this worthwhile business, we give Meesho clones that can be readily customized and launched in your market immediately!

Why Meesho clone application for your business? 

Gone are the days when individuals need to make hard work to bring in some money. Yet, presently, with a scope of technological advancements, people with a solid Internet connection and a PC (optional) could bring in cash even from the home! Yes, through internet reselling applications, anybody can begin reselling the products with an additional margin.

  • You can get small stores and people from your district to the application, who needs to sell their products and make money.
  • Since it's a commercial center business, there's very little investment required apart from building up a mobile application! 
  • The clone application allows sellers from each specialty – Art, attire, fashion, food, toys, etc. 
  • The stage offers social reselling choices for SMEs – Reselling through Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

The interest gracefully system is in every case high in the market; in any case, there aren't numerous platforms for both buyers and sellers to enjoy the trade. In this way, that opens up the doors for reselling applications, which makes an online commercial center! Is it true that you are wanting to plunge in?

Main Features Of Our Meesho Clone App

Meesho clone app | reselling app | eCommerce app

  • Product Reselling: Empower clients to resell the products listed on the stage by the platform to their loved ones using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on 
  • Offer Catalogs: Allow clients to share product catalogs with their end clients to let them pick the products they like. 
  • View Products: Clients can see the products and their details, for example, descriptions, pictures, costs, and so forth, flawlessly. 
  • In-application Chat Module: The application empowers two-way communication among clients and dealers using the in-application chat option for a superior application experience.
  • Everyday Deals: Offers and every day deals for different products can be updated day by day to support the deals of the products listed on the application. 
  • Adaptable Payments: Empower clients to pay for the products requested through different payment channels like net banking, online payments, cash-on-delivery, and some more. 
  • Product-related Articles: Articles dependent on a particular product or a scope of products can be introduced in the article section to support their reach among the target interest group. 
  • Target Reports: The administrator is given reports that comprise insightful data on the application's performance, helping them make informed business choices.

General Features for Meesho clone

  • User Panel
  • Registration

Clients can register on the application through a fast sign-up process. 

  • Browse Products 

Clients can Browse Meesho Clone for items they wish to purchase. 

  • Search Products 

Clients can specifically look for any product on the platform. 

  • Filter Categories 

Clients can sort the product as per the according they have a place with. 

  • Set Preferences 

Clients can adjust their inclinations to get a curated list of products. 

  • Add to Favorites 

Clients can add any product to the list of their top choices. 

  • Recommend Product 

Clients can recommend any product to their loved ones 

  • Wishlist

Clients can add any product to their wishlist to get which their companions can purchase. 

  • Follow Page 

Clients can follow the seller's page that they like. 

  • View Product Details 

Clients can see a total description of the product in detail. 

  • View Seller 

Clients can see the profile of the merchant to get familiar with them. 

  • Look at Prices 

Clients can utilize this option to compare the prices of similar products. 

  • Report Seller 

Clients can report a seller that doesn't stick to the rules on the stage. 

  • Ratings and Feedback 

Clients can give Ratings and Feedback about a product or a seller. 

  • Customer Care 

Clients can connect with Customer care to address their queries and concerns.

  • Seller Panel
  • Register 

New sellers on the application can join the platform by furnishing the necessary information. 

  • Customize Profile 

Sellers can modify their profiles to feature their individuality. 

  • Upload Catalog 

Sellers can upload the catalog of their secured products. 

  • Upload Photos 

Sellers can upload photographs and videos of the products they wish to sell. 

  • Product Description 

Sellers can write a short description of the product. 

  • Link Bank Account 

Sellers can connect their bank account to the stage for consistent payment. 

  • Message Users 

Sellers can connect with the purchaser to deal on costs and the sky is the limit from there. 

  • Testimonials

Sellers can transfer client tributes to further their credibility.

  • Analytics

Sellers can get definite reports on the sales carried out on the platform.

  • View Pending Orders 

Sellers can see the requests that have been placed. 

  • Discounts and Offers 

Sellers can offer discounts for any product or all product on their profile 

  • Help 

Dealers can connect with customer care agents for any help.

  • Admin Panel
  • Dashboard 

Admins can navigate the Meesho clone platform effectively from the dashboard. 

  • Request

Admin can see the pending registration request and decide to accept or decline.

  • Manage Sellers 

Administrators can view and manage with the sellers on the platform. 

  • Manage Buyers 

Admin can view and manage the record of clients on the platform. 

  • Manage Products 

Admin can view and manage the products available to be purchased on the platform. 

  • Offers and Discounts 

Admin can promote products and increase sales through offers and discounts.

  • Manage ADS 

Admin can view and manage the in-application advertisements from third parties. 

  • Reports 

Admin can learn useful information from periodically generated reports.

  • Direct Messaging

Admins can message both users and sellers directly.

  • Customer Support

Admins can get in touch with customer support for any help

  • Advance Features
  • Message pop-ups

Admins can send real-time notifications to the two clients and dealers.

  • Live Tracking

Users can follow the progress of the delivery of any product purchased on the application.

  • Customized User Profile

Users can customize their profiles by uploading their photographs and description.

  • Send Gifts

Users can send blessings to their loved ones by getting them things from their list of things to get.

  • Follow Users

Users can follow other user-profiles and build a community.

  • Group Chat

Users can form and chat with their loved ones on the Meesho Clone.

  • Trending Products

Users can see the products that are moving on every day, week by week, or month to month basis.

Wrapping up 

Meesho clone app | reselling app | eCommerce app

Making a reselling platform through the Meesho clone application resembles providing catering both to the SMEs and the shoppers. However, it's important to distinguish your target audience, and what's more significant is, getting the sellers with products suitable for your target audience.

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