Technologize your laundry service with the laundry clone app

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Technologize your laundry service with the laundry clone app

The leading Laundry App Development Company offers you an occasion to take your clothing business to the next level. We offer you a Customized and Ready-made completely fledged Dry Cleaning App according to your requirements. Our group is an ideal melange of dedicated and expert developers and designers. 

Our motive is to deliver the incredible On-Demand Laundry Mobile Apps, with improve and progressed highlights. Close by this, we give Washio and Uber Laundry App clones which can be worked away at the Android and iOS Platforms.. With the help, of Uber and Washio clone content clients can without much of a stretch run the clothing programming for their business and it helps save time and cost both.

Our highly skilled group has extensive experience and high knowledge of devices and technologies to build up a special and highly functional clothing programming to improve your business.

For what reason should you digitize your clothing business? 

For an untouchable, maintaining a clothing business may appear to be a simple process – getting dirty clothes, and cleansing them. Be that as it may, actually, a lot of clothing businesses (like "You") are experiencing troubles day by day! 

Regardless of the scale of your business, here's the reason digitization is the best way to overcome those challenges.

  • Technology may help replace coin-worked laundry businesses.
  • Besides, digitizing your laundry business could free it up to a more extensive segment. 
  • To eliminate waiting times with the assistance of a clothing clone application, you can introduce home pick-up and delivery services.
  • Automating your laundry business will give it an expert look! 
  • To wrap things up, rather than paying in cash, you can let your clients pay through in-application payment modes. 

We trust, at this point, you would have solid reasons behind digitizing your business. What's more, one more thing, building up a mobile application could help scale with increasing your business at whatever point you want!

Advantages Of Our Laundry App

One Tap Request Button 

Clients are always in hurry and they want to pick a one-tap demand button. For this situation, the client doesn't need to waste their time typing, they just need to pick the click button. 

In-App Messaging 

The client can visit with one another as our laundry application has the element of In-App messaging which helps a client to connect. Booking 

Clients can schedule the laundry service, according to their time.

Message pop-up 

On our Laundry Mobile App, the client is enabled to have the message pop-up feature, It works as a reminder and to update their clothing status to them. 


On Laundry Mobile App, clients can follow the real-time order status of their Laundry Order. 

Online Payment 

On our Laundry App, clients can do Online Payments through various Payments modules, for example, Paytm, MobiKwik, Google play, and so on.

How Does Dry Cleaning App Panel Works?

  • For Customers 
  • Register With Basic Details 

A client can Log in with the social or email account credentials to the clothing mobile app.

  • Track Laundryman On Google Map 

The client has the ability to follow the order status through Google Maps or GPS and, they can follow the clothing delivery man.

  • View Order status 

The client has an ability to see the status of the order, that wherein processor stage it is. 

  • View Nearby Laundry Services 

The laundry application allows a client to look through the nearby laundry service providers at the nearby current locations.

  • Select Laundry Store and View Price 

On the clothing service application, clients can choose the appropriate store from where they need to pick the laundry service at a reasonable cost. 

  • View Order History 

On Laundry Mobile App, clients can see their past orders from the order history.

  • Select The Pickup and Delivery Date 

After review, the cost of the laundry ordering application client can choose the pickup and delivery date. 

  • Refer to a Friend 

Clients can refer to the On-Demand Laundry App to their loved ones and earn rewards 

  • View Offers And Discounts 

On the Dry Cleaning App, clients can see the offers and discounts as indicated by their deals.

  • Rate the Service 

Clients can share their clothing service experience by giving ratings and reviews. 

  • Online Payment 

Clients can do direct payment Online with various modes like Paytm, Paypal, MobiKwik, and so on.

  • For Laundry Service Provider 
  • Sign Up 

The service provider needs to sign up for the laundry application with basic contact data, for example, name, address, contact information, and so forth 

  • Log In 

The client can sign in to the clothing service mobile application, using an email ID and password. 

  • View And Manage Profile 

The uber for clothing portable application service provider can see just as deal with the profile.

  • View Order Request 

The dry cleaner service providers can see the order request of the clients and they can make the choice that they need to acknowledge it or Reject it. 

  • Acknowledge/Decline Order Request 

Laundry service providers can acknowledge and decline the request. It's everything up to them how they need to respond to it. 

  • Manage Laundry Charges 

On-request clothing mobile application service provider has full authority to choose the price according to the service.

  • View Order History 

The client can see the Order history on the Laundry Service Provider Panel.

  • Manage Offers And Discount 

The Laundry Mobile App clients can get the opportunity to deal with the offers and discounts according to their clothing business. 

  • View Reviews and Ratings 

Dry Cleaners service application providers can know their exhibition by reviews and ratings.

  • View Stats And Reports Of Total Users, Earnings and Commission Paid 

like Uber for clothing offers an opportunity to the providers to see their statistics and know the all outnumber of clients, their earning, and commission.

  • The Super Admin Panel 
  • Effective Management Of LaundryMan 

The exercises of all the laundrymen are overseen managed under the admin panel

  • Client Management 

All the activities of clients on the laundry mobile application are managed under this category. 

  • Manage Commission 

The Laundry Service App, deal with the commission of the clients and the payment of the partners.

  • Clothing Category Manager 

The Dry Cleaners App panel deal with the categories of various items, and every classification has assigned a manager.

  • Manage Commission 

The Laundry Mobile App Panel manages the commission of the clients and service providers. 

  • Content Management 

All the substance that has been delivered to clients and service providers is followed under the admin panel and CMS clothing programming. 

  • Analytics

The clothing mobile application admin panel tracks the complete number of clients, active user, and maintains the information for the further development of the business. 

  • Payment Management 

Cleaning application admin panel, manage the payment of laundry service.

Wrapping up!

The worldwide dry-cleaning and clothing services market is expected to grow. Thus, increasingly more clothing new businesses will wander into the business. Thus, amidst this competition, it turns into a need for you to stand separated from others. 

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