Top Reasons For Rejecting Your Mobile App

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This is the digital age and the number of smartphone users is increasing at an alarming rate. There are millions of mobile apps that crowd the App Stores, vying for the user's attention for a short span of time. The App Store is every app developer’s best friend until your app is rejected, and then it quickly becomes your enemy. Ensuring your mobile app will be accepted by the App Store review process before the submission is essential for every app developer. A rejected mobile app can not only be a bad finish to a smooth development process but it can also cause unnecessary delays. After analyzing the guidelines of the app store, we sort out all we need to analyze all the top reasons for app rejections. Here is a list of major reasons that cause mobile app failure in the app store:

Top Reasons For Rejecting Your Mobile App In The App Store

Importance of User Interfaces

There are approximately 6% of mobile app rejection is because of the poor user interface. A successful app is based on user-centric design and user interference because Users always prefer apps that provide a seamless experience across multiple devices and platforms along with a strong UI design.

Lacking in Rich Functionalities

Mobile Apps that are richer in functionalities are the ones that are successful as they are highly appreciated. Mobile app users expect a basic level of functionality and any deviating experience can become the reason for rejecting your mobile app.

Role of Advertisements

The role of advertisements for business promotion or for the purpose of monetization is hard to deny. But, too much of advertisements can generate a lack of interest in your mobile app for the users, as that causes unnecessary deviation from the mobile app.

High Battery Consumption

This is one of the biggest reasons why apps get rejected from the mobile app store and these apps are often rejected on the grounds of rapid drainage of battery. So, even if the mobile app is installed, chances are higher that the users will uninstall apps on account of high battery consumption.

Privacy and Security Issues

The app users are increasingly trying to protect their privacy online and it becomes a big cause of app rejection. Privacy concerns are one of the biggest reasons why the app store rejects mobile apps from the app store and security is another issue that is topmost on the mind of the mobile app developer.

No Proper Updates

Mobile Apps with proper updates are supposed to be better protected from hacking than those which are not updated. Some of the issues like bug fixing can be resolved with feedback and reviews on your mobile app but if unresolved, it can be one of the reasons for app rejections.

Final Thoughts

The mobile app developers must keep in mind the user requirements, while developing the mobile app and integrate the features, accordingly. Users download the mobile app mostly based on the features, so if they do not find them to the mark, they will probably reject the mobile app. Familiarize yourself with this blog and ensure your mobile app is accepted on the first submission on the app store!

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