Vehicle Tracking Solution

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Vehicle tracking technology has been mainstream for right around two or three decades. Also known as GPS tracking, vehicle tracking is utilized by armadas for productivity and cost-sparing purposes, yet additionally by organizations of any sort and size that rely upon the utilization of vehicles to build up their action and wish to smooth out their everyday activities.

Being the best software and mobile app development company, we have created more than 50 vehicle tracking system. In the wake of accepting numerous requests about developing software for vehicle tracking, we chose to write this blog. You will find out about how various businesses profit by vehicle tracking software, significant highlights, and cost to build up a vehicle tracking system.


Vehicle tracking, or GPS tracking, is an innovation that consolidates the following of the area of a vehicle with a user interface that shows vehicle information. That information can be later utilized by companies as business insight to make an informed decision.

To catch vehicle information, a GPS device is introduced inside the vehicles that must be followed. The gadget gathers vehicle information of various sorts, from the turning on and off of the motor, to fuel utilization, to the working of vehicle-associated gadgets, to refer to only a couple, and matches the information with the area.


If somebody disclosed to both of you decades prior, that you would utilize GPS for the following vehicles on your telephone, you would not have trusted it. Today, pretty much every industry that necessities a vehicle tracking system can do it on their PC or even their phone.

Numerous ventures need a vehicle tracking system or truck dispatch solution, in any case, we will discuss a couple of them in this area. This will give you a thought of how your business can use a GPS tracking solution.

  • Logistics :

     The most essential part of the Logistics business is that the payload should arrive at the goal on schedule. The location tracking supervisors don't need to stress over it on the off chance that they have the application or cloud-based vehicle management system. A vehicle tracking solution encourages them to check whether their trucks are in the right direction. They can without much of a stretch get cautioned if there should arise an occurrence of any accidents or sudden circumstances. This encourages dispatchers to make a stride at short notification.
  • Food delivery :

    Regardless of whether it is the cafés, food delivery service, or providing catering service, the vehicle tracking system is more important. This helps the proprietors just as the clients to know whether the food will be delivered at the right place at right time or not.
  • Construction :

     This industry requires overwhelming hardware and costly gear. It turns out to be critical to delivering construction material on schedule and that too securely. This is the place the job of the tracking management software comes in. Such vehicle tracking management help vehicle supervisors in tracking the truck's present area and give an expected season of landing in the goal. There are likewise development conveyance applications that utilization continuous following and may require GPS tracking software or tracking device.
  • Cab Aggregators and Vehicle Rentals :

     Vehicle rentals need to deal with their tracking to protect their vehicles and drivers. Taxi aggregators like Uber additionally use GPS innovation with the goal that the clients know and offer their live-area for their security. Taxi aggregators and vehicle rentals use cloud-based tracking the executive's arrangements broadly to keep a beware of their vehicles and versatile workforce. They likewise utilize such a framework to improve client support as clients need to know when their rental will show up and see the ETA to arrive at their goal.
  • Educational Institutes :

     Guardians and school chairmen are worried about the security of their students. This is the reason numerous schools have school bus tracking applications. This helps the guardians and school heads to monitor the students on the transport. The guardians and school administrators can find a sense of contentment of psyche as they probably are aware of where the students may be. We additionally built up a feature for the transport group individuals or the portable workforce to record participation of the students as they board or board-off the school transport.


There is a serious decent number of issues that vehicles following innovation can handle effectively whenever joined by intelligent management.

As to the less explicit ones, we can discover for instance:

  • Cost decrease :

     the solution can set aside cash in various manners, from diminishing regulatory chance to diminishing worldwide fuel utilization, from checking drivers' situation without the need of making calls to diminishing protection premiums. Cutting on costs conceivably getting from mileage, avoided support and forceful driving conduct is something that can likewise be made conceivable with the most developed vehicle global positioning frameworks.
  • Inordinate desk work :

     the digitalization of tracking documentation can help move to the paperless office and maintain a strategic distance from dull managerial work.
  • Checking vehicle use :

     the innovation permits to identify improper use just as alternate routes or permits the execution of driver distinguishing proof additional items to ensure just approved drivers utilize a vehicle.
  • Robotize compliance :

     as some product permits clients to record all data required for consistent purposes.


1. Constant Location :

A tracking management software must have constant GPS tracking to track vehicles on a guide. Most frameworks commonly incorporate Google Maps or Apple Maps. These features help continuously following fleet tasks. You can get some answers concerning the status of every single vehicle in your advantage global positioning framework.

2. Custom Locations :

The drivers or administrator can set areas (pick and drop off areas) to locate the ideal course utilizing route optimization software. You will discover the streamlined course between numerous areas that will assist you in making delivery easily. You can likewise set an area by sticking it straightforwardly on the guide.

3. Driving History :

Driving history can assist you with tracking all the vehicles, drivers, and delivery in a single spot. You can without much of a stretch recover any information about past business shipments utilizing this element of an application. Vehicle management systems help improve driver conduct as you can find out about them with the information ever.

4. Vehicle Summary Report :

This development highlight can furnish whole vehicle reports alongside diagrams and graphs. You can check the activation status of an individual vehicle or a whole vehicle out and out. The report comprises, of course, subtleties, pickups, dropoffs, fuel utilization, progressing, finished, and planned conveyances.

5. Warning :

You will get cautions or warnings when a driver comes to the assigned dropoff or starts the excursion, or when the vehicle strays to an inappropriate course. You can likewise set up warnings for speeding, or rash driving on the off chance that you need. Notices help you to remain on top of it of ordinary exercises of drivers and vehicles.

6. In-application Chat :

This element encourages you to remain associated with your drivers in a hurry. On the off chance that you or the client needs to send a few directions to the driver, they can simply make an impression on him utilizing the in-application talk usefulness. This element diminishes the correspondence hole between all the gatherings associated with the procedure.


Different components decide the expense of creating a vehicle management system. The hourly charges of the engineer, number, and multifaceted nature of the highlights to be incorporated, stage (Android, iOS, Web)- everything makes up the expense of vehicle management solution.

We utilize a basic equation that you can use to ascertain the normal expense of vehicle following arrangement:

Engineer's Hourly Charge X Time Taken to Develop the Platform= Total Development Charge


In the event that you make an application with the above featuress, it will take around 00000 hours to build up a vehicle tracking application. Assume an application improvement organization charges $00 every hour at that point as indicated by the formula, $00 X 000= $0000. The normal expense of building up an application or vehicle tracking solution is around $00000.

You can incorporate a ton of more highlights like Speed Data investigation, Scheduling delivery, Calendar perspective on driver's timetable, and overseeing drivers into your white name vehicle tracking system . These will likewise add to your expense.


We currently trust that the information in the blog has been useful for you in understanding the vehicle tracking system. If you have any questions about building up your vehicle tracking arrangement or employing iPhone developers for your task, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will likewise furnish a liberated from cost meeting with our specialists.

We are a main portable application and programming improvement organization. We have created more than 3500 programming ventures for our customers around the world. We have created different applications that utilization GPS innovation like 40+ on-request conveyance applications like Uber and On Demand, which is a liquor conveyance application and Multi-Route Planner application that enhances courses for numerous pickups and drop-off areas.