Web Design Statistics That Every Designer Should Know

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Web design creates the overall look and feels when using a website. Designing a Website is the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts and graphics. Web Design is an important aspect of a thriving online business without the proper design, the business loses the capability to attract the users or prospects stop engaging with the website. Website design is important, and when processing a new website design, everyone needs to know the industry secrets in order to make the best design decisions. In this blog, let's discuss the latest web design statistics to help to learn more about website design and how it affects website visitors.

Web Design Statistics and Trends in 2022

  1. 59% of people prefer browsing beautiful and well-designed sites 
  2. 94% of first impressions are design-related
  3. 50% of internet users say that website design makes an opinion about a brand
  4. 39% of users are drawn to color more than any other visual element when visiting websites
  5. 61% of users have a higher opinion of mobile-friendly website design
  6. Users spend 80% of their time viewing information on the website
  7. 84.6% of web designers said that crowded web design was the most common mistake
  8. 88.5% of website designers believe slow loading is the main reason people leave a website 
  9. 73.1% of website designers believe lack of responsiveness is the main reason people leave a website
  10. 44% of website visitors will leave a website without direct contact information

Web Design Appearance Matters

Web design impacts the way people perceive your business and web design is the primary reason why website design matters. Your design makes your visitor either get them to stay on your site or go to a competitor’s site, or remain on your website and learn more about your brand.

Website First Impression Statistics 

Once a visitor enters your website, Web design offers the first impression of your company and your audience will judge your organization in a few seconds.  It is important to create a web design appearance with a positive effect on your website visitors. 

Web designs Determine The Business Credibility 

Web design builds confidence and trust with your target audience and it is incredibly important. The design of your company website can make your business because people trust the user-friendly designs. Web designs make the website trustworthy and increase business leads through site conversion.

Web design underlines your brand’s identity

Designing a Website reflects a company's brand and information and ensures a user-friendly experience. Your design assists your customers in remembering your brand so utilise your web design effectively because it is the picture of your brand.

Final Thoughts

These are the top stats that every designer must be aware of and why website design matters a lot, especially in this digital era. Hope these statistics will help you satisfy your clients’ needs and your wants. If you are looking for the best website designers who will adhere to these web design statistics and build a website that will deliver a fantastic experience, then contact us immediately. Hepto Technologies has a team of highly equipped UI/UX designers and developers having experience in web and mobile app design and development and provide prominent solutions in React Native, iOS, and Android (Native platforms) of different complexities. As a leading web design company, we have an expert team of in-house web designers who use the latest website design technology to create actionable results.