WhatsApp Chatbot Significance And Uses For Your Business

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and has millions of users worldwide with popularity cutting across age groups and demographics. Not only for individuals, but WhatsApp has also become a great value for organizations as well.  If you run a business, you know how to serve and engage your customers on WhatsApp can eventually boost the conversion rate. By using an AI chatbot and WhatsApp together, it becomes a great tool to increase customer engagement and your business can stay available round the clock and help customers at every step of the journey. In this blog, let us explore the what and how of WhatsApp Business, the benefits of WhatsApp chatbot, and how your business can use it to grow connections with customers. 

What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

Chatbots are AI-powered tools that can help your business to improve your customer support on any channel, including WhatsApp. When an AI Chatbot is added to WhatsApp, it becomes a powerful tool for boosting customer engagement. In addition, WhatsApp Chatbots can automate your sales, customer services, and marketing activities. Your business can rely on it to engage with your business audience around the clock without human intervention.  

Top Features Of The WhatsApp Chatbot

The best WhatsApp Chatbot is one that is developed using the right mix of technology, flow, and design so that it can handle customer interactions without any human assistance. And also, the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities ensure natural and contextual responses.   

Features Of The Best WhatsApp Chatbot

  • Visual Flow
  • Great UI/UX
  • Live Chat
  • Chatbot Analytics

Hepto Technologies offers AI WhatsApp Chatbots that have all the top features that one would expect. Some of those are

Visual Flow

It is possible to design a smart WhatsApp Chatbot directly on the platform with the help of a drag-and-drop chatbot builder.

Great UI/UX 

AI chatbots make conversations interactive, so the design needs to be simple and intuitive so that users find them easy to use for conversations. 

Live Chat 

A quality chatbot comes with a well-defined with quickly responds to your customer queries and interacts without human assistance.

Chatbot Analytics 

A business can use chatbot analytics to make data-driven decisions and easily understand the customer journey and make better decisions. 

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot 

The WhatsApp Chatbot can change the way your business approaches customer communication and improve the value of engagement for customers on the back of quick and relevant responses around the clock. Benefits are many when you use a WhatsApp Chatbot for your business and some of them include – 

Instant Responses 

WhatsApp Chatbot help you deliver prompt replies to your customer queries and reduce the wait time and WhatsApp integration for customer engagement can help grow your brand manifold. 

Improved Customer Engagement 

A WhatsApp Chatbot help you interact with customers directly, solve their problems immediately, and offer personalized messages.

24×7 Availability 

AI WhatsApp Chatbot offers support to your customers at any time of the day and also offsets time zone effects and is available all the time. 

Automated Customer Service 

With AI Chatbot, you can automate customer service for WhatsApp users. The need for human intervention can be reduced drastically for support purposes with WhatsApp Chatbot.  

Different Ways To Use AI-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot To Grow Your Business 

A WhatsApp Chatbot has the potential to transform various facets of your business and also add a positive impact across marketing, sales, and support. There are many ways to use WhatsApp Chatbots for your business.  

1. Omnichannel Support 

If your business has high aims of customer engagement, omnichannel support becomes important and an AI chatbot is the key to meeting that goal.  

This omnichannel support gives the ability to streamline all conversations across channels under a single platform and ensure a seamless consistent experience for customers.

Adopting an omnichannel support feature means: 

Always available for customers anywhere, anytime, and on their preferred channel. 

Don’t need manual integration to launch the chatbot across channels.  

The analytics provide contextual support and ensure value for both agents as well as customers.  

2. Lead Qualification

Chatbots are becoming quite a reliable tool for lead qualification and can help you automate the lead qualification process.

By using WhatsApp Chatbot, you can collect useful info like email, age, gender, etc easily and when user attributes are available and automation is possible, lead qualification feels like a breeze. 

A WhatsApp Chatbot can help in lead qualification in various ways, including

Easily segment your audience based on the data and help generate more qualified leads automatically.  

Replace forms with Chatbots and improve the chances of conversion. 

3. Customer Analytics 

The WhatsApp Chatbot collects key user data and then tracks purchasing patterns and behaviour.  

Also help in collecting feedback through simple questions and this is how you can improve products or experiences. 

A WhatsApp chatbot can help gather consumer data in various ways

  • Create a customer profile by using key demographic data collected by the chatbot.
  • Send push notifications based on your customer profiles. 

4. Product Display  

A WhatsApp chatbot is a great tool to display your product directly to customers and get the user's attention on their preferred channel. 

You can show your products to WhatsApp users based on the analytics and also expect a boost to lead generation. 

Using a WhatsApp Chatbot, you can

  • Send promotional l messages about many things be it upcoming offers, or discounts.
  • Integrate the chatbot with CRM for marketing purposes. 

5. Personalized Offers 

To personalize the experience, a WhatsApp Chatbot collects user analytics and presents relevant offers based on the information. 

Smart chatbots leverage the user data automatically helping you personalize customer experience based on information such as name, gender, location, browsing history, past purchases, etc.

If you want to personalize the offers to your customers, make sure you

  • With Chatbot surveys, gain relevant customer data and present customized offers.  
  • Contact your customers directly and respond to their queries with personalized messages. 

6. Customer Service Automation

  • WhatsApp chatbot can help you adopt customer service automation.
  • Your business can benefit a lot from customer service automation, particularly in terms of responses that tend to be faster, and that too without human interaction.

Wrapping It Up

Businesses today must know the importance of reaching out the customers. The greatest advantage of WhatsApp Business chatbots is that they can help build a stable and long-term relationship with your customers without them having to seek you out on different channels. Hepto Technologies helps you create your WhatsApp chatbot at an unbelievable price! We are providing amazing capabilities, detailed analytics, and smooth customer experiences at an affordable price. Reach your customers on a platform they love and take your business to the next level, with the help of your own WhatsApp Chatbot.