Why Quality Assurance is important in Software Development?

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Moving to a more digital society, the influence of software development is far bigger these days and every business wants to get a running application without bugs and defects. In a manufacturing company, quality assurance is responsible for assuring that the products are built as designed, according to an approved project and quality process. Similarly, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is the way to assure that the necessary processes are written and followed and the resulting software product is free from any bugs or defects.  It assures the quality of the software product and satisfies the customers as well as users. In this blog, let’s check the importance of Quality Assurance and its purpose in software development.

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a critical part of a successful software development process and methodology of checking that software development projects comply with a predefined set of standards. The quality assurance of the software product works parallel to software development, an ongoing activity applied throughout the software development life cycle i.e it takes place before, during, and after the software development life cycle. 

Who is a Software Quality Assurance Specialist?

A Software Quality Assurance Specialist is a team member who checks whether the developed application works correctly in such a way to meet the user's business requirements. They examine the software development process to prevent possible bugs and defects and ensure the quality of products, services and solutions.

Types of Software Quality Assurance

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing

Different Software Quality Assurance Approaches

There are two different approaches to Software Quality Assurance are there. They are

  • Software Quality Defect Management Approach
  • Software Quality Attributes Approach

Risks of Neglecting Software Quality Assurance

Many organizations may be tempted to neglect various aspects involved in software quality assurance activities to save money or decrease production times. Here is the various risk strategy that can seriously backfire.

  • Undetected errors, bugs and defects in the code
  • Poor system security
  • System misbehavior due to unstable performance
  • Missed timeline and unsatisfied end users
  • Reputational damage

The importance of Software Quality Assurance in Software Development

Software Quality Assurance Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is key when developing software for a client.  This is the role of the quality assurance team to put processes in place to ensure that the software gives customers exactly what they expect.

Software Quality Assurance Runs Performance Testing In Software Product

The quality assurance team runs performance testing that helps to determine the way the system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. This testing helps to verify the quality attributes of the system like reliability, scalability, resource usage and much more. 

Software Quality Assurance Ensures That Software Product Is Secure

Software security is a huge priority when it comes to software development and the Quality Assurance team strongly focuses on this area of Software testing. The QA team installs some secure processes when the product is being developed to make sure that it is built as securely as possible before final testing.

Software Quality Assurance Helps To Maintain The Quality Of Software Product

The QA team maintain the reliability and stability of the software product and works alongside the quality control team in order to carry out tests at different stages of the life cycle which focus on the usability, functionality, security, and usability of the product. The final result is that the finished product has minimal defects and works perfectly as intended.

Software Quality Assurance Helps To Reduce Cost And Saves Time

The software quality team prevent issues such as bugs, defects, and errors in the software product. Identifying the problems in software products at the initial stage helps to save the time and money that would otherwise have been spent on fixing those issues during the later stages of the software product lifecycle.

Final Thoughts

Software Quality assurance ensures that the product is efficient, contains minimal defects, and meets customers’ needs closely. Software Quality Assurance specialists are vital elements of the development team. Quality Assurance is the key to building a quality, stable, and secure software product that the users will find comfortable and pleasant to use. The Quality Assurance specialists can minimize the number of issues and bugs before the software application is released. Hepto Technologies is a software development company that has a team of QA professionals who will gladly assist you in delivering a high-quality and secure software product that can help you gain a competitive advantage.