Why React Native is the Ultimate Choice for Your Mobile App Development?

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The current market for mobile application development has grown tremendously in recent years. As per recent statistics, the global yearly app downloads are projected to rise from 142.6 billion in 2022 to around 299 billion by 2023. Building a mobile app is a complicated process and also you need to invest a lot of time and cost. The innovations and technological advancements in the app development framework made the process a lot easier and the mobile app development frameworks are cost-effective, user-friendly, and compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. In this blog, we will discuss React Native the most effective app development solution, and the key reasons why it is the ultimate choice for your mobile app development. Let's get started!

What is React Native?

React Native is the most popular open-source mobile app development framework created by Facebook. With Javascript React Native creates mobile applications for both iOS and Android simultaneously using a single codebase. 

Why Should You Choose React Native For Your Mobile App Development?

React Native is based on Javascript a web development technology so the developers can easily build mobile apps. The Javascript components in the React Native are built on iOS and Android components so the app developers do not have to create the same app for another platform.

How does React Native Work?

React Native utilizes three major threads such as JavaScript for handling UI logic, Native for rendering components, and a separate thread for asynchronous tasks, ensuring efficient cross-platform app development.

UI Thread: Manages the user interface components and interactions.

Shadow Thread: Leverages the React library to compute the application's layout, enhancing performance.

JavaScript Thread: The execution thread contains the React (JavaScript) code that drives the app's functionality.

The communication between these threads via the React Native bridge serializes data into JSON format and transmits it to the UI thread. After receiving the layout data rendered, the main thread deserializes it and finalizes the UI rendering process. This mechanism efficiently translates web-based designs to React Native mobile apps.

Benefits of Using React Native for Your Mobile App Development

By leveraging native components Reat Native offers efficient high-performance cross-platform development, sharing a single codebase for iOS and Android. 

Reusable Code

The major advantage of React Native uses JavaScript, which is compatible with both platforms. With React Native the app developers do not need to write different codes for iOS and Android platforms. The code reusability feature of React Native reduces costs, improves efficiency, and makes the app development process faster and easier.

Hot Reloading

The hot reloading feature of React Native allows app developers to see and work with changes in real time. This feature allows the developers to run the updated code and change the UI elements and styles of the app without restarting it. It also allows to run the applications while file editing so the developers can make any changes in UI without losing its data.

Enriched User Interface

The frontend UI library in React Native allows to building of app user interfaces that are fast and responsive. React Naive's component-based approach helps to create both simple and complex UI designs easily. With declarative syntax, the developers can write the code that manages the execution. Many large organizations such as Facebook and Instagram use React Native to design personalized products for their users.


When using the React Native framework with code reusability, there's no need to create two separate applications from scratch for Android and iOS. With this feature, you don’t have to hire two different Android and iOS development teams for your app. So you can save the app development costs up to 50%. React Native also consists of pre-built components that fasten the app development process.

Third-Party Library Support

Building a mobile app from scratch is the most expensive and time-consuming for consumers. React Native offers many third-party libraries to add features and functions to the app that make the development process easier and faster. These libraries help to enhance the app's performance and functionality and also eliminate the need for specific web view functions.

Large Community Support

Another major reason to choose React Native is its extensive community support. Facebook engineers consistently work on developing and enhancing the platform. If you find any difficulties in applying an API or plugin, the developer community can provide substantial assistance in resolving the issue. The presence of React Native dedicated enthusiasts makes it more convenient to access expert support.

Popular Apps Built With React Native

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Uber Eats
  • Skype


With a lot of benefits, React Native has emerged as a top choice in the mobile app development industry. React Native is an efficient framework for app developers and the most profitable technology for businesses. So, if you are considering building a cross-platform mobile app, React Native is the ultimate choice.

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