WordPress vs Laravel: Which One Is Ideal To Use In 2022?

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Everyday technology is rising, and the latest technology trends are emerging as well. This is the factor that influences the usage of different tools for developing apps and websites. Most tech enthusiasts and developers are familiar with WordPress, the most common CMS used to develop your website. What is Laravel? Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that follows a set of architectural traits used to develop web applications. Laravel's main aim is to simplify complex tasks and quickly create an application. WordPress is based on themes and follows a plugin architecture mainly used for writing blogs and content management systems. In this blog, we are going to compare these two platforms and find out which one is ideal to use in 2022.

WordPress vs Laravel: Overview

Before we start comparing individual features of WordPress and Laravel, let’s take moment to see what each one is at its core.

What is WordPress?

- an open-source Content Management System that is currently the world’s most popular website builder. 

- 40% of the internet uses WordPress to power their websites and that percentage is growing every day.

- easy to use, free, and has a huge community that is ready to help.

- It is a versatile plugin that is used by millions of domains.

When And Why Use WordPress?

For medium-sized businesses, WordPress is a perfect choice because it offers a highly responsive design and can be used to build an SEO-friendly business site. There are plenty of reasons to make use of WordPress, some of the reasons are

  • Profitable
  • Facilitates a convenient search system.
  • New users can use it easily.
  • Learning is easy.
  • Large support community.
  • Customizable features with the plugins.
  • More than seventy languages are available.

What is Laraval?

- an open-source framework that was designed to make web application development.

- offer built-in tools to speed up development and mitigate mistakes.

- used to create blogs and websites. 

- not a platform for beginners looking to build their first website and a platform that can easily scale to a project of any size.

When And Why Use Laravel?

Laravel resolves complicated web apps, dynamic sites with flexible back-end systems, and large-scale eCommerce websites. The stability and safety of Laravel possess the benefits of protection from cross-site scripting and also offer several other benefits, such as

  • Flawless and smooth database migration.
  • Highly customizable and flexible.
  • Easily expandable.
  • The security is enhanced.
  • Offers a developer-friendly structure.
  • Comes with authentication.

WordPress Or Laraverl For A Web Application

WordPress and Laravel function well for every web application. Laravel facilitates more features in terms of web applications. Authentication and advanced routing are two powerful built-in features also, with Laravel, you can easily change when you need modification to maintain the performance WordPress is a better option for popular sites and offers plugins that make it capable of handling such functions as well. WordPress offers free themes are available, which you can use for programming and running the website smoothly.

WordPress Or Laravel For A Blog

WordPress is used for creating, customizing, categorizing, and sharing content. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins which simplifies the process of approval, make your website highly attractive and further help with SEO. Also, make use of Laravel for blogging websites and it consumes a lot of time and is expensive.

WordPress Or Laravel For An Online Store

Many peoples choose Ecommerce Wordpress website Development because of the plugins facilitated by WordPress. A core part of a WordPress system is formed by WooCommerce which offers complete support for products, payment gateways, themes, etc. WordPress makes the entire system easily completable and superfast.  It is tough to make an eCommerce website with Laravel but Laravel offers you better options that simplify the customization process.


If you want to choose the best option from WordPress or Laravel, it depends on your purpose. If you run a medium-sized business, WordPress is the best option, in case you are dealing with a big eCommerce website with complicated web pages, and want to make a secure backend, Laravel is an ideal option for you. Laravel beats WordPress with its performance and speed but in terms of SEO needs, easy-to-use, and cost, WordPress surpasses Laravel. Hepto Technologies is the leading Web development company offering a wide range of website development services including Laravel and WordPress web development services for many years.