on demand taxi app

Launch an On-demand Uber Clone App in Philippines

Our Hepto Technologies launched an on-demand taxi clone app in  Philippines.

Due to COVID-19 ,nobody prefers to go in public transports. This is the right time to launch an on-demand taxi clone app. Yes ! this is the right time and right choice! . And also launching a good railing app will be trustworthy for a good taxi business. And also this elegant Philippines start-up ecosystem with 500 start-up companies worth about $2 billion in valuation.  So don’t delay, every second is precious hence local and foreign entrepreneurs invested their start-up in the elegant Philippines by taxi app. According to Boston research, they are flashing Manila uses ride-hailing apps daily. They are expecting  Post COVID-19 is the only right choice.  But we cannot wait till then ,so we want remedy by launching now itself a taxi clone.  It  is  also another reason which tempts the entrepreneurs to launch "A taxi app in the Philippines".  The taxi booking apps market will grow exponentially.  So let us discuss how the investors can roll-out the on-demand ride-hailing app in the Philippines.  So even at COVID-19 also the right choice to start!

on demand taxi app

About to know your competitors:

We decided this is the right time, So for that first, it is better to analyze the market and your competitors.The knocking down the competitors by new ideas (success formula) will be the main step for success.  Okay let us pass the light on competitors.


The first competitor named Grab who is the strongest rival who is  a south-eastern monopoly launched its app in 2013. And also  Its monthly rides average 150% every year.  The app covered 300 billion KM in the country and set the benchmark.


The next mightiest competitor named Hirna Davao-based company is very good. It planned to expand its business in Manila also.  No doubt it is an alternative for Grab.


Okay! The third competitor named Hype.  It is a purely 100% local taxi.  While analyzing with the above two giants 20% cheaper than Grab.  It was launched two years back.  This competitor is just something we can ignore.

on demand taxi app

To overcome the above three giants, Hepto Technologies offer a stand-apart app to lure (attract) the audience.  The secret formula  is the answer is flashed which has the following three matchless  points

  • Check your route
  • Book easily
  • Fast response

A company’s main aim is  to make a mark in society.  So the three right points ,No doubt it transforms the audience to your customer.  By introducing the Hepto-technologies top-notch taxi app will knock down the competitors in the business battle.  Some outstanding features are still more described.  Yes! this is the right time to flash!

on demand taxi app

Real-time tracking:

In the three success points this the opt flash 

  • Users can track their drivers.
  • Compute the destination time.
  • The accurate result makes the audience regular customers.

In-app wallet:

In-app wallet:

Rides in schedule:

f you are in a hurry,  mostly avoid  the eleventh hour hassles, better schedule the trip in advance. It retains the audience to your customers who use only your app in trouble-free rides.  Ofcourse! prevention is better than cure.

In-app chat/call:

In Case of any emergency you can share the details of drivers to your friends

Renting a car:

A ride to and from home will eliminate worries in paying by hourly basis.  So if you have regular customers then no problem! no worry! about other competitors.

Analyze your business need

By developing a top-notch taxi app before that makes analysis about competitors.

Of course! this will be the knockout for other competitors!

Grasp customer expectation:

on demand taxi booking app

Now we are making  parallel research about customer demands, surveys, and feedback help

Design your app

Appealing and coherent using these we can design the app

Develop the app:

Integrate cutting edge features and functionalities to your app.  It is point-full and dB manages the site traffic.

Deploy the app:

To multiple platforms like Android, ios, etc., are to enrich a wider audience. 

Choosing the right revenue model is pivotal:

Yes! Hepto-technologies app is reliable, convenient, and affordable taxi rides. You can gain revenue from multiple resources.

on demand taxi booking app

1.) Revenue through commission:

Online taxi platforms connect drivers who sign up with your platform to users in need.

2)Revenue through surge pricing:

If demand shoots up you can capitalize on the spike in a booking by levying a surge fee.

3)Revenue through advertising:

The third-party banner we can manifest.

4)Establish your Hepto clone in the Philippines:

To start-up Hepto-technologies clone in the Philippines by

  • Registering your brand's name.
  • Obtain business permits
  • Obtain multiple licenses from the local government.
  • Avail the Mayor's permit
  • Get a registration certificate.


It is an instant hit wherever they launch.So at present Heptos three points and other flavors will make good business and make a mark.  Due to COVID-19 how to get rid of it, by our taxi app.  So riding improves its business. Our Hepto will plan for post COVID-19.

on demand taxi booking app