Is Web-based school management software or Cloud-based school management software right fit for you?

What is school management software? Simply, school management software is a tool or a platform that helps schools to sort paperless records in school

While it is perfect suited for taking up administrative works, school management software is beneficial to a variety of stakeholders. Parents/Gaurdian can use school management software for a variety of purposes, from tracking the academic records of their student in the class to receiving live updates about their location while commuting between school and home using school transport. Teachers are able to use school management software to better administer their classes and also improve communication with other stakeholders like parents and students to ensure that work is goal oriented.

What is Web Based School Management Software? A web-based school management software is a type of school management software that runs in your native browser like Chrome/Firefox etc..., used to browse the world wide web. This type of school management software requires a working and active internet connection to work since all the actions are done over this internet connection. A web-based school management software can also be a client-based software that is installed on the desktop but only operates over the internet using an external server.

Web-based school management software is usually a classic application – most early school management software was web-based school management software. What are the advantages/highlighted features of web-based school management software? Dashboard View: In this view the details about the class free hours and the staff involved. Free teachers list day wise: The free hours of all teachers of that particular day will be listed. These details are available as time list and as teachers list as well. Current teachers list: The details of the teachers who are taking class as well as teachers who are free for particular hour are available.

Long absent list: The details of long absent students are available at the home page easy access to make contact with their parents. Performance charts: Performance charts are available individually for students as well as teachers. These performance reports are available in charts and graphs as well for easy and quick understanding and reference. Attendance reports: The absenteeism reports of each individual student can be seen in the form of graphs to identify the frequent absentees and their reason for absenteeism. The visual graph form gives the clear and easy view of details briefly.

Attendance Management: Parents of students who are not present in school will be notified through SMS by 9:30 AM and instant reports can also be taken. The attendance reports for the entire month or specific date or class wise is possible. Notification view: All the notifications can be seen easily. Some of the notifications are; 1. SMS of Homework 2. Marks & progress reports 3. Attendance messages 4. Immediate notifications like sudden unavoidable leaves, time changes etc…

These SMS can be sent to individual student, to specific class sections, to specific group or to all students of the particular standard or to all students in school. SMS delivery can also be obtained through reports to find the delivery details i.e. delivered or not delivered.

Fees Management: Fees due notifications are sent as SMS with overdue charges and payment notification is sent. The balance amount to be paid is also sent as SMS to make things easier. Invoices can be generated in the categorized way so that the payment status can also be viewed in categorized way. Class wise and category wise pending list can also be taken as report. Overall pending list and term wise payment can also be taken.