Why Use a WhatsApp Chatbot API to Automate Your Business Interactions?

Implementing a WhatsApp chatbot to automate your business interactions has many advantages.

Hepto - Leading WhatsApp Chatbot API Service Provider In India

We create the next thing for your business and explore new ideas through implementation delivering innovative solutions the world needs to solve your business challenges.
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Hepto Technologies is a leading WhatsApp Chatbot API service provider in India. We use intelligent chatbots to improve and personalize consumer interactions. We ensure that businesses operate smoothly and efficiently, from sales to support. We enable your business to use the WhatsApp Business API to engage with clients in a helpful and friendly manner, supporting simple and efficient communication. Choose us for simple, innovative, and effective chatbot solutions.

Features of WhatsApp Cloud API with Hepto

Hepto enhances the basic functionality of the WhatsApp cloud API with an extensive range of features, which leads to better business outcomes
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Bot Configuration

Integrate WhatsApp Business API for customer communication and configure bots for automated responses.

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Centralised User Control

Ability to manage agents and customers centrally, ensuring control over user interactions and agent activities.

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Bot Builder for Bot Flow

Design chatbot flow using Bot Builder, guiding users through structured interactions and responses seamlessly.

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Simultaneously send bulk messages to efficiently communicate information or promotions to a wide audience.

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Collaborative Inbox

Streamlines communication, organizing and categorizing messages into business and user-initiated conversations.

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Automatic Agent

Bots allocate human agents ensuring a seamless transition between automated and human-assisted interactions.

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FAQs - Instant Replies

Incorporate FAQs for instant, automated responses to common queries, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

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Analytics and Reports

Access comprehensive analytics for insights into performance, optimizing the effectiveness of the chatbot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is feasible to implement a chatbot on WhatsApp as per your requirements.
It is possible to integrate chatbots with the WhatsApp Business API for more efficient communication.
Businesses can send notifications, offer customer support, and enable safe transactions with the help of the WhatsApp Business API.
Chatbot services leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enable bots that streamline business processes, enhance customer support, and automate tasks.