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Overview Of EV Zone

EV Zone provides Ultra-Fast public EV Charging Stations across Africa together with a network of clean, cashless, and Electric Taxis, Shuttle, and Ambulances
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EV Zone For Riders

EV Zone accelerates the adoption of Electric Vehicles in Africa offers reliable, always on time, cost-effective, high-quality services for serving you for your point-to-point travel needs including unlimited daily travel.

The Riders can register with EV Zone through a mobile number and they can book the rides on time or later also choose the vehicle types like EV Cab, EV Shuttle, EV Delivery, EV Ambulance with accessories check to cover all these needs for you.

EV Zone offers cabs, rental cars, airport packages, pick up and drops, corporate rides for their customers with fast and efficient services at very affordable rates with payment integrations, and also offer promo codes for the riders.

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EV Zone For Drivers

EV Zone promotes clean mobility of people and goods as well as creating decent and sustainable jobs for the youth, especially women across Africa, and offers a scalable application for the driver to manage communication with customers.

The Drivers fill in the EV Zone Online Driver Application Form and upload the documents to get enrolled and if the drivers are approved, a physical interview with a test drive will be done and the documents will be verified to make a working capital deposit.

The EV Zone drivers attend the training to start driving and transacting and they can also choose the vehicle types, country, brand color, ride types, etc, and also they can accept and reject the requests from the riders.

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EV Zone For Admin

EV Zone offers fast, reliable, and affordable zero-emission rides for business travel, airport transfers, commutes, delivery services, VIP, and courtesy rides and the admin of the EV Zone can manage everything from the desk.

EV Zone has an effective admin dashboard consisting of an awesome view of the number of rides, total revenue earned, ride service types, cancellation of rides, drivers count, user cancel counts, provider counts, service zones, driver ratings, etc.

The admin can accept the drivers from their portal and also view the reports of earning statements, customer portal, driver portal, ratings, and reviews of the riders and others to improve the qualities in management.

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EV Zone - Reliable E-Mobility Service

ev-zone is the largest ride-hailing company that meets your daily and occasional needs to offer city rides, rental packages, and outstation rides to ensure the cab suits every pocket

EV Zone is a reliable end-to-end e-mobility solution provider in sustainable green mobility serving you for your point-to-point travel needs with Taxi and Shuttle Services, Airport pickup and drops, school transportation and corporate transport services, or employee commute in Africa through electric cars. EV Zone offers customized and private bookings for these services at very affordable rates.

EV Zone is on track to be and remain the largest operator of rapid Public DC charging stations in Africa and has many years of experience from the electrical engineering and energy services industries to transport management.

EV Zone Values

EV Zone offers reliable and affordable E Mobility services such as high-quality EV fast chargers, affordable rides, providing income to drivers across Africa
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EV Zone is the leading e-mobility solution provider for taxi, shuttle, airport transfers, school transportation, and corporate or employee commute transport services.

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