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Grocery App Development Company

List of Top Grocery Delivery Application and Measures Taken By them During Covid-19

Covid-19 has a devastating effect on people's lives. As our heartbreaks after losing our favorite team by one run in the World Cup, so is the condition of the cities across the world. There are some cities and countries that are increasing lockdown. Some cities and countries that are opening their markets are asking to follow social distancing and many more precautions.

People are facing different types of problems due to the lockdown. In this, what is most important is the grocery items. There has been a record increase in demand for grocery delivery apps in this pain area.

Grocery delivery app download growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK as of July

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Top Grocery Delivery Solution in Covid-19

Grocery App Development Company

Mobile applications are showing the online market as never before. One year ago the application we used was not present with even don't exist in the market. Food is one of the basic needs of humans, so the need for groceries is never-ending. Online grocery is growing and better people are capturing the market through services and quality products. Let us talk about some applications that are available in the market.

1. Big Basket :

Your favourite and fresh vegetables can take to your door directly from the farm. The company gives good offers to its new users as well as their old users. Different types of payment options are available to ensure convenient checkout for users. The return policy is so great that you are not asked a single question about your return request. Products are available from farmers to the user directly. The company also provides a 10% money-back guarantee if they don't reach on time.

2. Grofers :

Grofers Grossery app is the best in demand. This app helps you to reach many brands through your smartphone. Vegetables, fruits, and groceries at the lowest price available in the market will be delivered to your door. Quality is never compromised. Different payment options are available that make it convenient for users to pay. Offers and discounts are also an attractive feature to make your shopping exciting and affordable, providing users with more languages to buy items they want.

3. Big Mart :

Grocery Mobile App Development

The number of online shopping apps in the market has increased so much as never before. Big Mart allows you to use your time spent on grocery shopping for more productive quality time. Now you can buy anything with the best grocery app. Since its inception in 2016, has been serving its users with high quality and fresh products.

4.Amazon Prime Pantry :

There are many examples available to date to set up an online grocery store. While Amazon decided to try its luck on the on-demand grocery delivery app, Amazon Prime Pantry was born and offers several deal and take discounts for users. There can be comparatively little and will make your user friendly. There are some features of the free checkout window that are some other advanced features that make Amazon Prime Pantry different from another.

5. D-Mart :

D Mart is an online grocery delivery app that operates in Mumbai Thane and Navi Mumbai. When a mobile app development company builds an app for the benefit of the public, they ensure that the feature is hassle-free and easily delivered. We will ensure that the delivery fails without fail within the specified time and date. Offers and discounts are available to the users. Some deliver the order at no charge.

Different measures taken by the company during COVID-19 pandemic :

Grocery Mobile App Development

All of you must be thinking that there is so much fear of coronavirus why people are still ordering online among people?

Why online orders are increasing so expensive?

Are they not afraid of infection?

Let's start about what are the precisions taken by the company, due to which people are not scared.

1.Ensuring Safety :

Grocery Mobile App Development

Covid-19 cases rise and people are not getting out of the crowd after the initial panic purchase in local shops. Most people are locked in their apartments and not willing to risk a possible infection outside. Users' inclination towards online grocery apps This is an effective way to avoid the risk of contamination while obtaining the necessary fertilizer supplies. Online apps reduce the chances of people coming into direct contact. On the other hand, delivery staff interacts with many consumers on a daily basis putting their health at risk and exposing themselves to the virus. Although many online delivery companies have employees with facial mask gloves and sanitizers as well as a daily basis. But temperature checks ensure these steps have had a customer impact on consumers who are making online. delivery contacts.

2. Contact Less Delivery :

Grocery Mobile App Development

Many applications are offering contactless delivery, ensuring that there is no direct contact between the customers and the delivery people. Offering contactless delivery to customers and online payment for contactless delivery during checkout. The one-time contactless system plays a large role in reducing the risk of infection.

Going through all these on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps would have given you a basic idea about the features and services that it offers. According to Statista, the app downloads 21.3 billion in the Play Store in 2019. The data indicates increasing dependency in the coming year. Now if you are thinking of developing your business in India by 2020, then there is nothing bigger than developing applications to boost your sales.

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Conclusion :

Grocery Mobile App Development

Security measures and quicky delivery prove to be important during such cutting time. Various grocery delivery apps are taking necessary steps to protect customers as well as provide quality products. Almost all grocery delivery apps have understood their needs in development. And have studied it according to customer needs.