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Overview of Hustler

Hustler is a personalized news aggregator that organizes and highlights what’s happening in the world so that you can discover more about everything
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Hustler for Readers

The Hustler app provides many personalization features that make it enormously simple for the readers to tailor their news feed on the basis of their location and category preferences like trending, technology, politics, sports, entertainment, etc.

Hustler offers a number of reader engagement features and the readers can view and read the content in offline mode and easily share content on social media this feature helps to reach out to more new readers to an app.

Hustler supports multiple language options and ensures that your readers can consume the news in the language of their choice and also the readers can share their thoughts through feedback.

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Hustler for Admin

The Hustler app offers a feature-rich dashboard for admin to update all app information to manage news and publish in real-time activities with categories or subcategories and to also engage with an audience.

The Admin can sign up and log in to update and publish the news in a formatted way in multiple languages and allows to serve personalized content to the users as per their behaviors.

The Admin of the Hustler can choose to serve content as per users’ preference based on their interests and through feedback, the users communicate directly to the Admin if the users have any suggestions so that admin can enhance the app’s likeability.

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Hustler - A News Feeding Platform

Hustler is an elegant portable news app enriched with high reader engagement to read and share the information you need to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry

Hustler is a user-friendly news portal app suitable for all types and all mobile users and loading the news with multiple categories. Hustler is a news app with unique features that displays news that grasps many readers' interests and motivates the users to access the app quite frequently. It offers technological trends striking in different industries and also the news pertaining to politics, business, sports, science, entertainment, etc.

The hustler app is enriched with a number of personalization features that make it extremely easy for readers to customize their newsfeed wherever they are based on the current location.

Hustler Values

The Hustler is a scalable, responsive, and user-friendly newsfeed application providing a seamless reading experience to app users across the globe
Heavy Personalization
Social Media Integration
Reader Engagement Features
Reach More Subscribers

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Hustler is a feature-rich news feed app that has high reader engagement features to reach out to more new readers with all the latest news and current trends happening in the world

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