Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Mobile Healthcare Apps development –future of healthcare

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

In this sophisticated world, the Omnipotent concept is app development. It elicits the innovation on ubiquitous also. So App development is has become a central dogma of every body's life. We can integrate all apps also. Passed one year the health care apps for mobile Android and ios were doubled. So it is crystal clear (lucid) those Health care apps are developing day by day.

What is the healthcare software industry?

In this invincible mobile app world, health is very important. Of course, health is wealth.

Health is diagnosed through only doctors. But launching a mobile app because of innovative diagnostic treatment. It is pragmatically proved that so many health care apps individually or integrating the apps which makes the healthcare successful.

What is mHealth?

The summit concept of mobile apps the ubiquitous the mobile Healthcare market has introduced.

1. Fit:

We developed versatile Apps that converged on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. For fitness, so many apps developed.2. Medical:

2. Medical:

Some medical apps help for a clinic, doctor, diagnostic centre, etc., keeping that in mind the medical apps have the challenging flavours.

Medical research:

Of course, the medical field is very important for every body's life. So many researches are going on. With referring the Research2guidance project has

95,000 or more medical apps

45% of mHealth apps paid business model

15% for healthcare experts (CME, PRM, etc.,)

Per day 5 million free and 3 lakhs paid by download

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Background of the mobile healthcare industry development:

The main reason for developing apps for mobile healthcare has because of the following flavours.

The active distribution of mobile devices is 7 billion.

The aging population by 2050, 22% of the population in the world will become retired. So they are barely in need of medical care.

The population living in the countryside (remote patients) also get diagnosed.

Health systems are becoming more expensive by 2014 3trillion dollars in health care but 2022 5trillion dollars.Almost it is doubled within eight years.

Medical staff deficiency is another headache by 2020 the US will miss one million nurses.

Types of health care apps:

In this world, the USA has from grocery to nursing had various apps.

Conditional mobile health apps categorization:

Collects and preserves of various medical uses by medical records in apps.

Fitness apps help you to keep fit for health.

Mobile apps for healthy in lifestyle (diet)

Control of drug-taking and treatment

Apps interact with the medical centre.

Initial (basic) requirement and health care apps:

1. Medical centre or clinic we have to say what is happening.

  • Convenient records to the right doctor to refer right treatment.
  • Preserve doctor orders if so many efficient doctors are available.
  • Preserve clinical records and test results for future reference.
  • Obtain data through the internet for this sophisticated world.
  • Via mobile doctor interrogates any patient.
Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Medical Laboratory:

Different tests will be conducted for relevant diseases.

Record to get it all details very fast, without queue

Receiving and save results for further reference.

Convenient use of the result

Convenient view of the result changes (Graph)

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Drug stores and Pharmaceutics:

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Without doctors consult by medical apps we can consume drugs.

It has the following functionality:

A reference book of medicine for immediate treatment before doctors arrives.

Availability of drugs in store which place and how much?


Getting in-store

Home delivery

Control of health of relatives:

By health track apps.

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Mobile apps for a healthier lifestyle:

If you are the owner of a medical clinic, pharmacy and medical apps will help if it has the following flavours.

Useful tips

Diaries of well –being

Weight loss

Fitness exercise



Women's health

Tools and medical instrument.

These are the latest trends in the healthcare industry. By analysing 276 billion dollars by 2018 for medical turnover. Healthcare industry trends include:

By health apps, we can promise

#1. Fitness–oriented apps are the most important. Prevention is better than cure.

Fitness and weight loss is a major aim.

#2 The increasing need for special medical apps for the doctor:

Demand in mHealth apps, on remote monitoring, consultation, tracking the patients.

#3 Healthcare cost problem matters

Medical schedule software is needed

Telemedicine cheaper way

According to BBC research by 2019 telemedicine market almost 44 billion dollars.

Average annual growth to 17.7%

Income data:

By looking at the statistics, the adept's opinion of the future of mobile health apps is divergent.

Mobile Technology in Healthcare



It is better to join the health market

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

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