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On-Demand Staffing App

An on-demand staffing app makes a balance between both employees and employers that facilitates the 24/7 availability of workers immensely helpful for entrepreneurs to manage their business operations in case of labour shortage.

The on-demand staffing app is developed in both Android and iOS apps for employers and employees and a robust admin dashboard consists of various categories and subcategories of part-time and full-time workers suitable for different sectors.

Through On-Demand App the employers have to post their labour requirements as skills demanded and quantity of labour before hiring them and the rate is mutually agreed between the employees and employers.


Reasons To Choose On-Demand Staffing App

On-demand App Development will provide a new dimension to your business and reach a maximum number of targeted audiences, landing you into the zone of profitability.
How it works
Tracking The Talent

Organizations can track the talented Employees to make them stay strong

How it works
Insight Of Hiring

Helps to find the right fit employees as per the organization’s requirements

How it works
Managing Unemployment

To find talent pools and connect a job seeker to the organization directly

Salient Features Of An On-Demand Staffing App

We offer a wide range of On-Demand Staffing App Services across all boundaries with best-in-class features to satisfy every need of your business
Booking Slots

Allow app users to make a booking for the service as per the user's demand

In-app Payments

Empowering the user's ability to pay within the app, in a safe environment

Push Notifications

Timely notification strategy to bring an increase in the app engagement levels

Flexible Hiring

The hiring of immediate requirement or schedule a specific date or time

Analytic Reports

Customized analytics for users to be on top of the app’s performance metrics

Live Tracking

Employers can keep a close watch on the actions and activities of employees

How To Utilize An On-Demand Staffing App

On-Demand Staffing App gives the ability to hire employees and fulfill the needs of employees who have specific skill sets matched with companies that can use their skills.
Make Hiring Simple

With On-Demand Staffing App

On-Demand Staffing App provides your organization with a pool of vetted workers who are available when they are needed and offers new ways for organizations to tap into talent whenever and wherever they require it and reimagine the workforce and increase employee engagement and productivity.

Allow Companies & Brands To Find Staff Instantly

The platform provides the best matches for staffing needs and allows job seekers to create a profile by mentioning their skills, experience, and education for search and applying for jobs based on their interests.

This platform allows recruiters to post jobs by specifying the skills and experience required for the job and request employees and pay for the number of hours worked and both employees and employers are rated each other.

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