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A complete guide on how to develop an on-demand medicine delivery solution for the pharmacy business.
Posted December 21, 2020

A complete guide on how to develop an on-demand medicine delivery solution for the pharmacy business.

Medicine delivery app - Pharmacy Business solution

We are living in an advanced age where we can have nearly anything by making a couple of taps on our telephone. On-request conveyance administrations have unquestionably expanded our craving for moment satisfaction in any event, for the things which are not required on a moment premise. Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about the things which are in some cases required on a moment premise? Shouldn't they be accessible, readily available?


We as a whole can concur that drugs are one of the main things that we all need eventually as expected. Particularly, a patient experiencing a genuine condition needs it on an emergency basis. In any case, because of expanded requests, we need to confront a ton of problems for purchasing drugs. 


For example, we need to stand by in a ceaseless line at the drug store just to discover that the necessary medication isn't accessible.


Throughout the long term, on-request medication conveyance applications have arisen as the ideal answer for defeat all the previously mentioned bothers. With these applications set up, drug stores can empower their clients to purchase any medication from anyplace and whenever. The drug store industry is constantly utilizing the on-request medication conveyance answers to offer their clients a rich medication purchasing experience.


Medicine delivery apps: The need of the hour in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions have made on-demand medicine delivery solutions. more significant than any time in recent memory. They have arisen as the greatest emotionally supportive networks to the online medication conveyance frameworks. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a lockdown in a few nations where individuals couldn't leave their homes to purchase medication for themselves or their friends and family.


This, however, the pandemic also caused a sharp decrease in the accessibility of the prescriptions and medications as individuals fired loading up meds and accumulating drug stores for sanitizers and medications. In such a situation, individuals began moving towards utilizing on-demand medication conveyance applications where they can undoubtedly check the accessibility of the medication and request it without leaving their homes. 


On-demand medication conveyance applications enabled pandemic struck clients to arrange orders at their homes with the wellbeing of contactless conveyance. This comfort and speed of purchasing medications at the occasions when the entire world was battling because of an obscure sickness immediately picked up prevalence as an ever-increasing number of individuals began utilizing on the web medication applications.



Market size and details for on-demand drug store application improvement


If you're hoping to build up an on-demand medication conveyance programming, at that point right currently is the best. The e-drug store market had its issues previously, yet the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a colossal flood in this industry. 


As indicated by the insights, the medical services, and wellness industry are one of the top business ventures to quicken the advancement of portable applications and computerized gadgets. This, yet the portable medical services market worldwide is assessed to stretch around $90.49 billion constantly 2020 at a CAGR of 33.7 percent. You'll be stunned to realize that this number was just $21.17 billion out of 2018. 


According to Statista, the extended development of mhealth applications is assessed to develop at around USD 332.7 billion constantly in 2025. The underneath diagram shows how the market size for mHealth applications is expanding every year.



This detail is the declaration to the way that the advanced wellbeing industry is on a record-breaking rise and that is the motivation behind why it is drawing in countless financial specialists from other industry verticals.


According to details, there are more than 325,000 wellbeing related portable applications present on the different application commercial centers. 


Around 60% of the absolute cell phone clients have downloaded a mHealth application to their gadgets. 


mHealth applications are likewise answerable for expanding the profitability of medical services laborers and sparing more than $200 billion on distant patient observing. 


On the off chance that you're as yet not happy with these details, at that point imagine a scenario where I revealed to you that the on-request drug store conveyance applications Netmeds and NowRx have raised $ 35 million and $ 7 million individually. 


There are numerous different reports which recommend this development of mHealth applications. As indicated by Zion statistical surveying, the market for the e-drug store was of approx. USD 42.32 million in the year 2018 which is good to go to increment to USD 107.53 billion before the finish of 2025.




Not just this, according to another Zion report, the mHealth applications are good to go to arrive at USD 111.1 billion constantly 2025. It's imperative to take note that previous the market was esteemed at USD 8 billion in the year 2018. 


How about we examine the online drug store worldwide market through the underneath diagram.



Which are the distinctive plans of action that you ought to consider? 



With regards to creating an on-request medication conveyance arrangement, you should consider distinctive plans of action and pick one according to your prerequisite and achievability. There are two plans of action which we will examine individually.


This is an operational model, where the client submits the request by giving their solutions to the clinical store. The clinical store individual at that point checks if the arranged medication is accessible or not. On the off chance that it's accessible, at that point the store sends the medication to the client's doorsteps. When the client gets the medication, he makes either make money installment or online installment to the clinical store


Top 3 medication conveyance applications that you should know about


Numerous on-demand medication delivery applications have arisen over the previous years because of its developing interest. Nonetheless, just a small bunch of them has been fruitful in winning the trust of the clients. We should examine such top three medication delivery applications.


  • Capsule pharmacy


The case drug store was established in the year 2016 and from that point forward it has accomplished a ton of accomplishments. A year ago, it advanced toward the Forbes rundown of the biggest organizations in 2019. This New York-based application guarantees its client of an equivalent day conveyance for any medication. This application lets its clients arrange meds either from their remedy or by entering the subtleties physically.


  • NetMeds


NetMeds is an Indian-based organization that has accumulated more than 3 million clients in a speedy time. NetMeds conveys a rich medication requesting experience to its clients alongside offering them homeopathic and ayurvedic prescriptions.



  • NowRX

NowRX has emerged as the leading on-demand medicine delivery app in the US after just three years of its inception. This app comes with some interesting features such as allowing their customers to chat with the pharmacists and adding their prescription via Alexa. One distinct feature which makes it different from others is that it enables its users to receive the prescription directly from the diction through the app.



Difficulties related to the advancement of on-request medication conveyance arrangement


Beginning an on-demand medication delivery business isn't excessively simple. There is a lot of difficulties related to it. We should examine them individually.

  • HIPAA compliance affecting app development
  • FDA regulations
  • Data security
  • Cloud integration


Must-have features for your on-demand medicine delivery app

features of medicine delivery app

If you need to build up an effective on-demand medication delivery programming, at that point you should guarantee that it has all the significant highlights in it. We should examine the on-request medication delivery application includes that you should incorporate. 


A medication delivery arrangement has four significant applications viz. client application, seller application, delivery specialist application, and an administrator board. Here we will examine all the must-have highlights for all these applications. To start with, we should view the must-have highlights for the client application.


Highlights that make medication requesting simple for clients


  • Profiles
  • Upload prescription
  • Expansive search with filtering options
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Multiple modes of payment
  • Track order



Features for pharmacy store owners

  •  Manage drugs
  •  Order notification
  • Order management
  • Manage prices




 How on-demand medicine delivery benefits users and pharmacies?

The on-request medication delivery application benefits the clients as well as advantages the drug store storekeepers. Here we will view these advantages individually. First, we should view client benefits.


 For clients 


The on-demand drug store delivery application is picking up a great deal of prevalence among clients. We should view the motivation behind why?

  • Saves time, 
  • Saves time, 
  • Descriptive, 
  • 24×7 medicine delivery, 
  • Users can check availability


For pharmacies

  • Superior buying experience, 
  • Improving customer base, 
  • Offer services beyond geographical constraints
  • Automated updating of inventory, 
  • Increase revenue




Medicine delivery app

On-demand applications keep on overwhelming as new industry verticals join this business, for example, food delivery, grocery delivery, and now medicine delivery joins the list as well. These days, clients are turning out to be more digital-savvy as they hope to purchase and order nearly everything from their smartphone. 


With the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, and lockdowns set up, on-demand delivery of medicine has become the need of the hours. 


That is the reason it's the best ideal opportunity for all the business people to put resources into building up an on-demand medicine delivery application. If you are looking to get a medicine delivery solution of your own then get Hepto Technologies readymade on-demand medicine delivery solution which is a high level, hearty, and cutting edge arrangement with a proven track record.









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