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The Future of Mobile App Development: Trends That Will Rule In 2022 & Beyond

Changes in Mobile App Development are going through a revolution. Many Organizations and Enterprises always look out for the latest technology trends to stay ahead of the competition; mobile application development is no exception.  With the global impact of COVID-19 on business, people have

Why It Is Best To Use ReactJS For Your Web Development

Frontend frameworks and libraries are inevitable and essential aspects of the web development process. For building high-performing responsive websites and web-based applications, using frameworks and libraries has become imperative. ReactJS is one of the front-end web development tools for web

WordPress vs Laravel: Which One Is Ideal To Use In 2022?

Everyday technology is rising, and the latest technology trends are emerging as well. This is the factor that influences the usage of different tools for developing apps and websites. Most tech enthusiasts and developers are familiar with WordPress, the most common CMS used to develop your website.

How To Engage Customers With WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp is easily the most popular messaging app in the world and has millions of users worldwide with popularity cutting across age groups and demographics. WhatsApp is now becoming one of the predominant platforms for enabling conversational commerce. WhatsApp chatbots are the big thing owing to

Top Reasons Why Custom Web Application Development Should Be The Focus of Your Business

In this digital era, the use of the internet has penetrated many areas such as availing information, purchasing products, acquiring services, and any aspect a consumer can think of from a business. With the internet, today every business sector, making your business stand out of the box has become

Tips To Overcome The Challenges In Amazon Clone App Development

In this digital world, eCommerce businesses are the current best revenue-generating business. Everyone loves shopping, and when you can shop for the latest fashionable sitting at home and with a just click is just bliss. Many businesses change their methods and adopt digital platforms for their

Do Flutter App Development Dominate Android by 2023?

Applications are the vast world of technology that is made in various other creative ways and nowadays applications are so captivating and unique, that one cannot believe the eye. Flutter allows you to build compiled, cross-platform mobile, desktop, and web applications from a single codebase. It

API Testing Methodologies: Advantages and Approaches

API testing is one of the most significant and complex steps in software development as a part of QA testing. It is standard practice for many companies to monitor APIs during production to ensure that the live API endpoints are up, functioning quickly and returning expected information to the

Agile Vs. Waterfall: Which App Development Methodology Is Best For You?

There are two main app development methodologies that we use in the app development industry: Agile and Waterfall. Both methodologies are popular in software development but each is best suited for different types of projects. The end goal of each methodology is the same, to create an application,

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